January 13, 2006

Meet Finny & Buddy

I'm Finnegan, also known as Finny. I am white with some tabby marks on my head, beige on my back and a really cool raccoon stripy tail! I am about 7 years old, but becos I came from a shelter and had been brought there by some nice beans who found me at an apartment complex, we don't know for sure. Anyway, I adopted my mom when I was about a year old. This pic is from early on, my beige has gotten a lot darker!

This is my "brother" Buddy. Mom sez I have to call him that, even though he wasn't born with me or adopted with me and is one whole year younger than me! He is orange. How boring is that? He has very long whiskers, that's the only special thing about him. Oh and he gets into crazy positions that other cats don't do.

We get along pretty good most of the time, we play running up and down the stairs and we wrestle too. But sometimes he is annoying and I smack him or he thinks I am too bossy and he tries to smack me. Hmph.

Ok, I think that's all for now! We will take turns writing the blog and telling our stories.



Victor Tabbycat said...

Welcome! I love your colors, Finny. I'm mostly white with tabby spots and a 'coon tail, too.

Just Ducky said...

Hi, I'm Derby. I see my buddy Victor has already been here.

Victor and I both live in Wisconsin. My mum has friends down in your state.

Drop by our blogs when you get time.

WCTs said...

Welcome to the kitty blog world furries! You are both very hadsome kitties. We look forward to many fun stories about you both and photos!

Our mom will add you to our blogroll...is that OK?

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