February 25, 2006

...And the winners are....

We gotted 15 entries with guesses on Pawtraits and only ONE poodin got them ALL correct! It was Timothy Dickens!!! Congratulations Timmy!

Out of the 41 pawtraits, there was one that nocat but Timmy was able to correctly identify - here it is. So the winner of the "Pawtrait that Stumped the Most Guessers" is.... Miss Boni Maroni!!! Great pawtrait Miss Boni! It was number 7. We don't seem to be able to post pix right now, but we'll put it here when we can.

The Viewer's Choice winner is.....unknown! Efurrybody voted for a different pawtrait and some forgot to pick one. So..when the picture uploader is working again, we will post the finalists and ask efurryone to vote by comments or email for the winner, OK?

The list of Pawtraits is below. Thanks efurrycat and beans for playing. We had fun and hope you did too!

Tannie Man 1
Miss S 2
Miles 3
Ghost 4
Sammy 5
Bonnie Underfoot 6
Boni 7
Sanjee 8
Jasper 9
Maggie & Huggy 10
Maggie 11
Josie 12
Charlie Fluffbum 13
Pandora 14
Oscar 15
Nicky 16
Lizzie the Good Cat 17
Brach 18
Kukka-Maria 19
Caturday 20
Ms. Mia 21
Mia (of Mia & Ghost) 22
George 23
Max 24
Tipper 25
Bombay 26
Timothy Dickens 27
Sophia the Diva Kitty 28
Edsel/The Pooch 29
Cosmo 30
Fat Eric 31
Victor Tabbycat 32
Beau 33
Derby 34
Oreo 35
Patches Lady 36
Mittens Pollypaws 37
Mistrie Rose 38
Knightly 39
Firenze 40
Lizzie the Monster 41


The Meezers or Billy said...

YAY TIMMY!!! You am really smart. We gotted 6 wrong, but that's ok. We hadded fun.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, no wonder it was so hard - 41 kitties!! We've been following everybody's work. Great contest - Congrats, Timmy!

turtle, moose & nala

lambj said...

Yeah, Timmy! Bonnie, Victor and I got yours, but it was a wild guess. We got only 4 wrong - Lizzie the monster, Boni, Edsel and Josie. Fun game! When cats rebuild the Internet, they'll add scent, making this much easier.

Timmy said...

Woah!!! I am so a'prised that I winned!!! I almost told Momma to go back and rethink some of them but knows what? She learned something in college from one of her favoritest professors...that is to NEVER second guess yourself ;) And it worked!!
Wow this was REALLY REALLY hard!

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Well, I told my mom over and over....you are wrong, but she said, no, shut up, I know what I am doing.......see??????? She isnt even going to say how many she got wrong....is there a prize if you getted the most wrong cuz I bet Mom wins!!! YEAH!!!!

Fat Eric said...

We got a few kitties mixed up - we got 8 wrong, mostly because my mum had trouble telling one pair of black and white tuxedo paws from another... Well done Timmy, you are a genius!

Boni said...

Congrtulations Timmy! You're sooooooo smart to figure all those paws out. I guess I have the secret paw, so to speak, cept Timmy knew it. hehehe

Timmy said...

for what it's worth Boni, yours was the one we kept going "hmmmmm" over! It taked me lotsa time to figure it out ;)

Petey said...

We had major fun. I think you should do something like this again; but with eyes or tails. You could call it The Eyes Have It or CatTails.

PrincessMia said...

Congratulations Timmy!! Now that I see the answers I got your paw right but the ones I gotted wrong were other tuxies. They were the hardest! Thanks Finny & Buddy. Very cool!

Just Ducky said...

Mum thinks we probably hadded the mostest wrong. We only had 18 of the 41 correct. Mum says she couldn't help me or take as much time as we really needed to do this correctly.

But Yay for Timmy. The ones I got wronged were the black and white kitties, but also some of the Oscar and Charlie ginger cats too. Oh, well, it was fun.

But we needs a rest from all of these tests. My brain and mum's brain needs a rest.

jenianddean said...

Congrats Timmy! I actually missed eight, but I think it was because Dad got stubborn on a few and refused to consider others. The tuxedos were the hardest! And I even missed Timmy's picture, and I've been reading his blog for almost as long as I've been writing mine! Sheesh! But I do think another contest would be fun, but maybe in a little bit so I can take a few naps and let my brain rest.

=^..^= said...

Bombay thanks all you dear kitties who tried really hard to guess which was his pawtrait! :)

~5-Cat Style