February 16, 2006

Good paws / Bad paws / Icy Paws

First of all, I am not a goody four-paws! I get in plenty of trouble with mom for pawing at the kitchen blinds and wrecking them (grampa keeps fixing them) for biting on cardbord boxes and leaving pieces of cardbord efurryware and for begging for mom's foods and for howling my hed off at nite and other stuff too. I espeshly like getting Mousie all drooly and putting him in bed with mom so she finds him in the morning when she wakes up!!!

I only sed no hints becos I want the pawticipants to make their own hints. I think it will be more fun that way. Jasper has alreddy done some hints on his blog and I think Edsel too. And the entry of the Mysterious Paw has graciously posted it on their website, thereby giving efurrycat one freebie! You still have to figure out which blog it is though! That is very sporting of each of you. Keep up the good work and with sharp eyes you'll be able to figure them all out.

We tried to put the Flickr badge on our sidebar, but it screwed up the page so we had to take it off.



=^..^= said...

My hints have been put up to help you kitties avoid a headache from all that scrutinising and guesswork.

Good luck! :)

~5-Cat Style

The Meezers or Billy said...

We also posted hints about our paws!

Victor Tabbycat said...

We'll post hints. But first, were Oscar and Charlie separated at birth?! They're pracically twins.

Shaggy and Scout said...

What mom wouldn't appreciate a drooly mouse in her bed? Sounds like you have a heart of gold Finny.

Anonymous said...

Can we PLEEEEASE have a Pawtrait deadline extension??? Like the end of the week instead of the first? This is HAAAARD!!!!

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Hint are posted on our blog now!!!

meemsnyc said...

love mouseys.

WCTs said...

So cute....what a great story. Blackie yodels all night long in the bathroom. Sheesh!

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