February 12, 2006

It's Time for the Paw Portrait Contest!!!!

OK, efurrycat, it's time to start surfing the blogs and naming some paws! Here's the rules:

1. It's all in fun
2. One entry per cat (or bean or bun or whatever species you may be) - if you send more than one entry, the one we use will be the last one received by the deadline
3. All entries must be emailed to finnegan_cat@hotmail.com
4. Note "Paw Portrait entry" in your email subject line
5. Entries must be received by 1 pm eastern time, Monday Feb. 20
6. We won't be giving any hints, but that doesn't mean you can't post a hint about your paws in our comment box or on your own blog
7. Contest is open to all bloggers, not just those who submitted a pawtrait
8. Prizes will be awarded in three categories -- Most Correct Guesses, Pawtrait that Stumped the Most Entries and Viewer's Choice for Best Pawtrait. In the event of a tie in any category, multiple prizes will be awarded
9. Make sure to note your Viewer's Choice in your email entry
10. Additional rules may be added as needed (in case we forgot anything)
11. It's all in FUN!!


Victor Tabbycat said...

Ok, two tings. First, which cat at Caturday is in the contest? Second, in the list of names, the link to Crew's Views doesn't work.
And third, what is number 20?!??!

Thanks again for putting this together! Nice job on the pictures.

The Crew said...

Finney & Buddy

We have a few problems too. Victor is right - our link doesn't work. Also, we only see pictures 32 through 41 on your site, but no pictures of 1 through 31. Also, can't get them to enlarge.

The Crew

Curiosa said...

finnigan, did you get my picture?

Curiosa said...

Ooops, I was confused. I thought the deadline for the pawtraits was on the 20th. You meant for the entries....okay...well...next time!!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Sweetie here--Mommy will be e-mailing my picture to you. Fun!