June 28, 2006

Fly free with your Angel Wings Miss Tiffy

This is Miss Tiffy. She was adopted to a bean family who did not understand little girl kitties need lots of time to learn about litter boxes and such things. The father bean of the family took her away and sent her to the Bridge. He didn't even give the good foster mom beans a chance to find her a new home or eksplane things so she could stay with the family. You can read about what happened to Miss Tiffy at their blog and please leave a message for Miss 5-Cat Style and her sister Miss Flyer. They feel verry bad about what happend even though they tryd furry hard to save little Miss Tiffy. And please say a purrayer for Mr Gucci, who lives with the same beans. He loved little Miss Tiffy and was a good brother to her. We hope that he is safe, but he might not be.

We are furry sorry and ashamed of ourselfs becos we said there is no room at our howse for another cat. There are lots of cats who don't live in safe plases or with nice beans like ours and all the cat bloggers we know. If mom is bringing another cat to our house we will try to be nice to him or her. We both were in bad plases before we came to our mom bean and we wouldn't have her if some good foster mom beans and dad beans hadn't rescued us.

Please give your good beans ekstra purrs and head butts tonite in honor of sweet little Miss Tiffy.

---Buddy & Finny


PrincessMia said...


The Meezers or Billy said...

we were so sad to hear about Tiffy too. Ourr mommys faced leaked lots, and we thought about what would have happened to us if mommy had not finded us and kepted us.

Lone Star Purrs said...

It maded our momma sad too.

Rascal said...

sad Meow

Victor Tabbycat said...

I am furry sad and mad at the same time about Tiffy. Last night, Mom hugged us lots, efun Bonnie who doesn't like it. So I made sure to snuggle close to her all night and thank her for bein my mom. I'm efun thankful fur havin Bonnie to growl an hiss an swat me cuz its kinda fun (but don't tell her).

Musette said...

What a heartbreaking story - thank goodness we all have homes where we're loved, no matter how much we screw up at times.

=^..^= said...

Thank you very much for remembering little Tiffy and for all your kind words and supportive messages.

I hope Tiffy is finally safe, warm and happy where she is. I will miss this sweet little one dearly.

~5-Cat Style


Buddy & Finny

What a very poignant posting for Miss Tiffy.

Thank you.

Sadden by all of this...
*ABBY & the gang