June 27, 2006

She's up to Somefing!

Mom is up to somefing. She did move a lot of boxes owt of the guest room that is sposed to be for wen Ant Ree bean or Gramma and Grampa come to visit. But then she putted a blanky in this box and said "What do you think, Buddy? Will that make a nice bed for a kittycat?"

Then she covered up the bed that is for guest beans wif this other blanky.

And then...she got this scratchy post that I never use and Finny only uses once in a while and she brot it to the guest room. Beans don't use scratchy posts! And looky at what is on top of the scratchy post - a MOUSE!!!!

What do you think she's up to?



The Crew said...

We think you're getting a baby brother or sister! Whichever it is, we hope it's not sick like Misty is.

Keep us posted!!

Zeus said...

We're with The Crew on this. You're either getting a new addition or your human lady pet is taking in a pregnant feline who needs one heck of a bed to rest in. We're very curious so we'll be checking back regularly!

jenianddean said...

We have that same scratcher and, aside from eating the ball off the top and pulling the spring out, I found little use for it. It is funny to watch Mom or Dad trip over it, though. Maybe your Mom is making a special room for you?

Victor Tabbycat said...

Oh, no no no. Bad news, guys. This has to mean another cat in YOUR house. You poor fings.

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Oh, how I would love a kitten.....I would take care of it for momma, bathe it, teach it to potty right, play with it, and sleep with it.......yes, I would love to be a momma kitty!!!

Mittens Pollypaws

Fat Eric said...

Ohhh, be afraid, be very afraid!