July 5, 2006


We hope efurrycat and efurrybean had a nice 4th of July. We were home alone most of the daytime 'cos mom wented to meet Grandma, Grampa and Ant Ree bean and eat lunch. We got 3 measly treats before she left. Why do beans get lunch and cats don't?

They saw this great big chair! How many cats do you think could snuggle up in it?

Ant Ree has a friend bean who might adopt Sully! He's ok, I guess. He stays in the guest room and mom goes in and visits him and she did sleep in there a couple of nights. Me and Buddy have bofe met him, I don't think he's so bad, but Buddy really doesn't like him. He won't tell me why, he just hisses and growls and says "Make that orinch punk go away!!"

Mom sez Sully is just a baby cat (even though he's 2 yeers old) and he just wants to play. I'm not reddy to play wif him yet, but I'm thinking about it. She tells him that I am in charge and he has to respeck me. That's what I've tolld him too, I guess mom thinks I am hissing and growling and swatting at him just for fun. Beans - when will they learn our languige?



Just Ducky said...

We hopes Sully gets a nice home. Maybe you will get a chance to play with him some too.

That chair could probably hold all of our blogosphere of cats. Maybe we can use that for our next get together for the nap pile.

Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

Nap pile! How fun!

We hope Sully gets that home. He could nap with us later.

Unknown said...

Stand your ground Finny. Humans will never learn our language but then we really don't want them to, do we? --Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie

Zeus said...

I hope that Sully and Buddy can learn to get along while Sully is at your house. Tension is never good for anyone!

Robyn said...

I don't fink beans will efur learn cat language. I's not sure they're smart enough. Mommy's the only bean I know that speaks it even half ok -- her growls are real understandable! But I don't fink she understands much of what I say usually.

I likes Derby's idea bout havin a nap pile on that big chair. That'd be fun. Long as it didn't rain.

It's kinda tuff havin a kitty you don't likes in your house. I STILL got Mini here. As a for instance, I means. I don growl at her as much, but I's not gonna play wif her. Nuh huh. Not never. But maybe it's ok if she sits on the bed if Grandma's between us. Maybe.

~~ Sanjee

The Crew said...

How awful! They go have grand lunch somewhere and give you 3 measly treats? But it's good news about the possible adoption. Everyone deserves a forever home.

Timmy said...

That chair could easily fit all us online poodin's doncha think?

The Fluffy Tribe said...

I think all the bloggin' poodies could fit in that chair and some of the vermin too and a coupla buns. yep ~Merlin

Beau Beau & Angie Over the Bridge said...

Once you get used to his smell you prolly won't swat at him no more. Maybe you should jus talk to each ofur more to get to know each ofur. Tell him about the chair!