November 3, 2006

Happy Friday!!

Hi efurrycat and efurryfurry! Finny here (at Grandma and Grampa's howse) to tell some things that are going on.

First, we shood have tolld wif the Halloween piksher, but that kitty isn't me, his name is Jingles and he is at the Rainbow Bridge now. He had diabetes, like owr big brofur Jasper, and he got furry sick last yeer and his mom bean had to help him to the Bridge. He lived for a long time wif the diabetes and his mom is a reely good pikcher-taker so she has lots of reely good pix of him. She even has pix of him in a bowtie wif her in her wedding dress! Isn't that cool? Mom's going to look for the linky to his pikcher album and we'll post it wen she finds it.

Buddy has mostly been posting becos he is wif mom and he can get to the computer easier than I can. Grampa doesn't allways leave the computer room dore open and it's hard for me to get in there and use the puter wifowt him notissing.

Don't you fink it wood be fun if owr cuzzins Grady and Gilmore and owr Ant Lili and Unkle Iz wood take a tern on the blog and tell abowt wat it's like for them to have us staying wif them? I tolld Iz and Lili that they cood, but they are shy abowt blogging cos they nefur did it befor. The G-men have there own blog but they haf nefur put anyfing on it!

It's getting furry cold heer in Norf Carolina and the leefs are turning pritty colors. Grandma and Grampa live more in the woods than I efur did befor, so there are more critters to see. I haven't seed eny vishus deers yet, but Iz tolld me that there are some in his woods! I mite need to get some of Rocky & Mao's Vishus Deer Repellent.

Mom camed to visit me last nite at Grandma's howse and she hugged me a hole lot and brushed and brushed my old summer furrs owt but she aksed me wy I don't keep them for winter. Doesn't she kno I haf to grow new speshul furrs for winter? I can't ware the same furrs ALL year long! Grandma and mom were tokking abowt mom going home to owr howse to pak up more bokses and mom sed she wishd I like riding in the car becos then she wood take me! I'm furry glad she knows I do NOT like that. It wood be ok if she let me sit on her lap or my own seat, but I wood haf to go in the jale box and that is AWFUL! I'll stay heer wif Grandma.

Member wen we tolld abowt Cats with No Name? We wanted to remind you if you are saving yore little circles to send them off to Miss Virginia so she can get more foods and stuff for the cats she takes care of. Thank you!!

Big thanks to efurrycat and efurrybean and efurrybun who supported Miss Ramona's Big Dream and the Walk for the Animals. Ramona's Top Cats (including Fiona Bun and Miss Hope bean) raised $1,750!! That will help a lot of animals at the Conway Humane Society.

:( Litter box deposits on Blogger! Won't let me uplode any pix!


Victor Tabbycat said...

Hello, Finny Furiend. It's good to here from you. I hope you haf yur bird book since yur stayin sumwhere more wooded than you've efur been afore.

I don't like ridin in the monster, eifur. Victor relaxes, but I give the woman a piece of my mind.

Carolina Cats said...

Oh yes, Miss Bonnie! I haf my birdy book and grandma has one too cos she has lots of birdy feeders on the bak dek! I'll haf to take a pikcher and post it soon.

Yore frend Finny

The Meezers or Billy said...

Hi Finny! We hopes that you and Buddy and your mommy will gets a place to live togefurr soon!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Finny. That sounds like a eccs-siting place where yoo are staying. Are yoo alowd outdoors to go hunting? Yoo will haf to be keerfull in case yoo do see the vishus deer. We don't like going in the evil cat carrier either. If we haf to go in it to see the V E T
mum says we sownd like a pair of Banshees what efurr they are.

Madness, Trouble, Squish and Milkbone said...

Sounds like you are having lots of fun and Granpa and Grandma's place.

Rascal said...

Sounds like things aren't too bad there. It would be great to let your cousins and aunt and uncle would take a turn and blog. Who knows, they might like it so much they'll start one of their own.

Oh! And there are vishus deer in North Carolina. I used to live there and we had one in our back yard once!

THE ZOO said...

wes saves our weight circles off the purina bags and send in 6 every couple weeks. wes emebered from you tellin us and wes wanted to help.

Anonymous said...

nice ta hear yur doin' good, an we shure do hope you kin all live togeffur again soon!