February 19, 2007

Horses & Shrimpys & Walks Owtside

Mom sent Ant Ree this viddy-o of a dansing horse and Grady reely liked watching it!

Member wen I posted abowt the shrimpys? Grady got all mad 'cos his mom din't give him enny, so wen the beans had the left overs, mom saved us some peeses and I shared wif him. Cos I'm a nise cat! And I will post wat Grady sed but he's a LIAR and I don't boss him arownd, Gilmore trys to boss us bofe arownd.

"It's about time that bossy other orinch kitty let me get sumfing to eat... I'm starving to death in the garage"

AND anofur fing! Nobean or nocat makes him go owt in the garaj. I like to go owt there to sharpen my claws cos I don't get yelled at wen I do them owt there. And Gilmore likes to sit on top of the garbage can fingy and look owt the window. Grady is just a copy cat and follows us owt there.

Finny is having a reely good time visting wif Gramma and Grampa. He sent me and mom this emale the other day.

Hey Mom!

Guess whot?

Today Grampa & me went and gotted the mail. I walked out on his shoulders an he dinnit even have to hold me. But.

After we got the mail, an were starting back to the house I got scairt when a big thingie came down the road. I jumped down and left Grampa all by hisself, and ran toward the house. I pretended to stop and smell the daffydills so he could catch up to me. Then I let him pick me up and take me inside the house, where I knew he would be safe.

Miss you Mom

Love Finny

(Heer's mom wif a daffydill wen she was a little bean. She allways liked them and daisies best!)


The Meezers or Billy said...

SHRIMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we loves shrimps!!!!!!!!!

Amy in NC said...

We have heard that shrimps are really good but out Mom won't let us have some.

Our Mom would like to get together with yours, but we are not sure about that. It depends on if they are going to talk about how to torture cats. If they are, then she's not allowed to go. We may have to chaperone them. What 'cha think?


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Hey we're the same as yoo!! We nefurr yoosed to like Bean food till we tried shrimp, and we love it too.Mum sed dat viddy-oh of the dancing horsie wuz the best she has efurr seen, then she went on looking at uvver viddy-ohs of horsies, an we thought we wuz nefurr going to get back here.

Just Ducky said...

Mum has furiends with dancing horses. They aren't quite that good, but they do dance.

Kimo and Sabi said...

We gots some daffodils in our yard right now...come see!

Did I hear someone say shrimp?

Daisy said...

That is very, very nice of you to share yer shrimpies with Grady. And how exciting that you got a letter from Finny! It sounds like he is having fun with Grampa!