April 5, 2007

Kwestchuns and Answers

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...
Are you certain that you are not brothers? You look so much alike, we's fink you could be brothers.

Nope, Buddy and Grady can't be brofurs! This is Grady rite after Ant Ree dopted him. See, some stoopid mean beans dumped him in the woods by Gramma and Grampa's howse abowt two yeers ago and he was cryin' furry lowd 'cos he was kind of scared and he was furry small. So Gramma and Grampa resskyood him and then Ant Ree dopted him. That's in Durham, NC, ware we all live now.
I, (Buddy) was bornd in Noo Jersey and went advenchuring on my own and forgot my way back to my mamacat. That was about 7 yeers ago. I was resskyood by my good boy bean, Brandon, who I lived wif for 3 yeers, then I had to leave him and come live heer wif my new mom bean.

Beau Beau & Angie said...
Floofy bellies are da best! What's dat yur playing wif?

jeter harris said...
see dat toy? is dat like da "sausage toy" dat mi bes frend reebok sent me fer mi birfday? it'z a family favrit.pleez tell me abowt da bike tour. luv--jh
These toys were made by the mom bean of owr frend FOX the Cat, who lives in Massawhatcha, were he has a farm calld the Catnip Ranch. He aksed us to "test" these new toys that his mom bean croshayed. They have lots and lots of primo nip in them, plus the big one has some beans to make it nice and hevvy. The smaller toy was reely good too, speshly for frowing arownd in the air and ketching, but they got losted, we fink unner the frijidater.
The MS 150 Bike Tour on owr ticker is somefing that mom, Ant Ree and Grampa will be doing in Septembrr. They will ride there bikes for two hole days for a long long way and they will raze lots of moneys to pay for reeserch abowt this crummy diseez (multiple sclerosis) and to help beans who have it. Owr Ant Joolie bean has the diseez and mom's bestest frend Blanche (who has a poodin named Funny Face) has it too. Mom and efurryone is on a team calld the MS FITS and they all ware the same sherts and haf lots of fun together. If you want to lern more abowt the ride or maybe make a donashun, click heer.
Oh, and guess wat? The beans who make the ride happen do them all ofur the plase and there's prolly one neer you! So if yore bean likes to ride bikes, they cood do it too! Go heer to find one in yore state.

You can see that mom and her brofurs and sisfurs haf been riding bikes sinse they were little beans! That's mom on the front bike, Unkle Mike wif Ant Ree on the bak one, and Ant Marjie helping mom cos she was reely little. Unkle Mike ushully comes to Norf Carolina to ride in the tour, but this yeer he is doing a diffrunt ride in Callyfornia. Maybe he will see Skeezix!

Heer's the hole team!


=^..^= said...

Awww... Grady was such a handsome, cutie of a kitten!

~5-Cat Style

Daisy said...

Those toys look fun! You are lucky to get to be toy testers.

The Meezers or Billy said...

aww, that's a nice story about Grady - he gotted a great furefurr home

Just Ducky said...

Nice answer cats.

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

i like da way u ansered da kwestchunz. mi mom iz gointa look at da site ... an make a dona$hun. she, herself, did 3 60- mile-walkz fer brest cancer ... so she likez dat stuff.
an btw ... ware did u liv on long island?
we liv in a little town on da water on da north shore uv long island.
luv--yer frend--jh

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

iz yer mom da "ms fits-george mengel cpt--Thomas Arnold team captain?"
we wanna make a dona$hun ... but we wanna make it in yer mom'z name! if u want ... u can send all da infermashun an a link to mi email jeterharris@optonline.net

The M's said...

Thank you for answering our questions. Good luck to your family in the bike rides.

Unknown said...

A sausage? We're laffin!!!

Anonymous said...

This is pretty cool that you get to be toy testers.

and that is a nice story about Grady.

Those bikes looook fun!

~Caesar + Princess