March 5, 2009

Fanks for the purrs, Efurrycat!!

Grampa sent me an email and said to say

Thank You to all the kitties for the Get Well Purrs

He's feeling better and he got a "Clean Bill of Health" at the people v.e.t. All the beans are really happy that Grampa is better and won't have to have any nasty medisins to make him feel sicker.

It's gonna be furry warm this weekend, so mom said her and Ant Ree and Grampa and some of their bicycler frends will be going riding on Sunday.

Mom sed we can all take turns going owt in the stroller and enjoying the nise fresh air!! We got to clean up the stroller, get it checked owt by owr mechanic and ready to roll!

Have a great weekend, efurrycat!


Elin said...

I put u in my list now!

Me purrrs for your grandpa!


Kimo and Sabi said...

We're glad yer grampy is feeling better! We hope you gits to go fer a stroll.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

I am glad your grampa is doing better yea!

Daisy said...

That's very wonderful news!

momsbusy said...

woo hoo grampa!!! all of them purrs got yu feelin better in no time at all!!!


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That is good news that your Grampa is feeling better and has a clean bill of health.
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Tiger Lily said...

We are very glad your Grampa is doing better! It looks like you enjoy him and he enjoys you.

My Grandpa is at the VA Hospital today having fluid drawn off his lung and my Mom is a little bit concerned. We are waiting to hear from him later this afternoon. Ruckus is the only one who has never met him.

If Mom ever gets her lazy self moving I will have my new blog up soon.

Elin said...

And me wants to thank u for purring for our late Boody~


Karen Jo said...

Yay for your Grampa feeling better. I hope all of you get to go for a stroll.

Robyn Harton said...

Yay for your Grampa feelin better :)

Happy St Patty's day and fanks lots for bringin corned beefs n cabbij to the pawty!

Victor Tabbycat said...

We can still purr fur yur grampa! Finnigan, you gots the Irishest name I know (besides O'Bama), so Happy St. Patty's Day!
Green purrs,
Victor & Nina

Team Tabby said...

We are so glad to hear Grampa is better. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend, too.

Mindy, Moe, Bono

Poppy Q said...

Have a great stroller ride, we hope you get lots of sunbeams.

That is great news about your grandpa.

momsbusy said...

my darling jasmine, come visit my blog to see what i hafs been doin.


Mr. Hendrix said...

I'm so glad your grandpa is doing well. I'm sorry we didn't know he was sick. I will send purrs out that he stays all better for good!

I hope your weather has stayed nice and you enjoyed your walking.

Robyn Harton said...

Hey all, how are yall doin? Hope you're good! Purrs for yoo! And fanks for the purrs for Mommy :)

Edsel/The Pooch said...

hope your stroller rides are goin' well. i just like walkin' in the yard, myself, but any way you can get out in the nise fresh air is good!

Meowers from Missouri said...

we's furry glad to hear yer grampa's more better, an' that he won't hafta take meddysins. we haf allus (an' WILL allus) vote "NO" on meddysins!! yukky!

hope yer stroller got a "clean bill" from yer mechanic, an' you're gettin' some primo strollin' time in. it's furry nice here inna ozarks today.

best fishes to y'all--
the meowers