June 21, 2010

Purrrrs needed for Ant Ree bean pleez!

Ant Ree bean, who is mom & Ant Marjie's sisfur and the good mom bean to Cuzzins Grady & Gilmore, was riding her bicycle yesterday on a bizzy rode, and a bad bean driving a car knocked her rite off her bike!

Pore Ant Ree is furry herted, her collar is broken and one of her ribs too. And she has lots of brooses and scrapes where she slid on the rode.

Rite now Ant Ree is in Dook hospittle, but they hope to bring her home to Grady and Gilmore this afternoon so they can start taking care of her

We wood appresheate lots of purrs and purrayers for the good Ant Ree to help her get better wifowt lots of herty times

Fank you!

--Finny, Buddy & Princess Jazzy for Grady & Gilmore


Brian said...

OMC that is awful, my sisters and I will be purring for Aunt Ree!

Harry Spotter said...

That was very scary and glad that she is able to come home. We will definately be purring and praying for her. Please keep us posted.

The Island Cats said...

Oh we're purring that Ant Ree makes a quick recovery!!

Max said...

Holy carp...did the idiot hit her with a car or just shove her off? Either way...DANG!

momsbusy said...

hisses to the driver of that car. bet they didn't even stop. dook hospital is very good and will patch up ant ree so grady and gilmore can finish helping her to heal at home. sending lots and lots of healing purrs to ant ree.

kazoku neko

the summer sun is not as bright as you bootiful smile my sweet jazzy.


Gemini and Ichiro said...

We will start purring hard for her!

Jans Funny Farm said...

Oh, no! We hope your Aunt Ree bean's injuries heal quickly. What a terrible thing to happen to her. Purrs and tail wags.

Daisy said...

I will purr my hardest for a quick recovery for your Ant Ree. I hope the driver stopped and helped her!

Anonymous said...

stoopid driver, look where you's going... i am wif Daisy, i realleh hope he wasn't a total jerkface and stopped to halps her.

My Mind's Eye said...

Hi Carolina Cats!!!
Thanks for stopping by to visit us today. We are so sorry about your Ant's accident. How horrible and scary. We will keep her in our thoughts.

Bahama you are just down the road from us oh my cats. Finally a blogger buddy within just a few miles. Creek Cats was the closest blogging friend we knew.

We look forward to catching up with you all,
Madi and Mom