March 10, 2006

* * * News Flashes * * *

Flash #1 - Paw Portraits final Viewer's Choice deadline extended to Sunday lunch time! Tell your furriends to come by and vote, because right now we have a 5-way tie for first place!

Flash #2 - mom gotted a new car and she is going to see Grandma and Grampa tomorrow
On account of...
Flash #3 - Grandma and Grampa are home from Hawaii!!

Flash #4 - remember Miles the kitty who got kicked by a bad bean? He had surgery on his leg and he is doing great! They did haf to ampewtate his leg, but his mom bean says he is doing super great and we are glad. Click here for an update on Miles the hurt kitty. Thank you all for your purrayers and donations.


Fat Eric said...

Yay! My mum has been keeping track of how Miles the kitty is getting on, there are some great pictures on that page of Miles and his family. Hope your mum enjoys her trip!

Oscar the Wonder Cat said...

Oh you made my Mummy cry. She is very sad that this happened to Miles, but is also very happy to see that he is doing okay without his leg. It is just such a senseless crime. The photos on his page and incredible.

Sanjee said...

Yay!!! We're all SO glad Miles is doin good. Yippee!!!