March 2, 2006

We're Back!!!

Ok, mom is feeling better, not so achy and headachy and pain in the neck-y. Thanks for all the get well messages and purrs and efurrything. Now she sez she will only get headaches from the in-surance companies. That is bean problems, not cat problems!!
We finally figured out that we had to clear our cookies and now we can do pictures again. Yayyyy!!

The Winner's Pawtrait - Timothy Dickens was the only cat who correctly identified all 41 Paw Portraits. Great job Timmy, please email Finny with your snail mail addy so we can send your prize.

The Pawtrait that stumped a thousand bloggers...
OK, not really a thousand - but efurrybody but Timmy!
Great work, Boni Maroni - that's a beyootiful paw!!! Please email Finny with your snail mail addy so we can send your prize.
And now, it is time for the tie-breaking Viewer's Choice picks. Except they are on the home computer and mom is at work and we need her help to post them and efurrything. So when she gets home tonite we will make her help. AFTER she makes us suppers of course!! See ya later!
Oh, to keep things equal, here are pix of Grampa's truck after the accident.


Fat Eric said...

I am glad you are back! My mum has got her pictures working again too. She has been putting pictures on the Gorgeous Gingers page. I hope Buddy will decide to join us!

Shaggy and Scout said...

Glad mom is feeling better. Poor Grampa's truck doesn't feel too good right now though.

Just Ducky said...

So the 'puter had a hairball to get rid of? Tossing its cookies? hehehehe.

Mum is glad that your mum is feeling better. Trucks can get fixed.

Ivan and Izzy from WMD said...

Crunchy on the outside, soft in the center!

Glad to hear your mom is feeling better!

Boni said...

I get a prize? Wow! I'll email you, Finny.

I'm really glad your Mom is ok. Like my Mom says, trucks can be replaced but beans can't. *kitty nods* I'm glad yall are back too. Purrrrrrrrrs

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Congrats to all...! Beautiful paws you showed today...!

Sweetie Here...!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your mom's accident but glad she's better! How's Grandpa since he saw the truck? I've been having trouble loading pictures too.

Gigolo Kitty said...

Glad you mom is feeling better. If blogger is acting up, host the picture on Flickr and link to there. I have done it before when blogger was making my life miserable!