March 3, 2006

Urgent help for an Orange Kitty!

I don't know if any of you have heard of a great group of human beans called, but they are really some of the bestest beans anywhere. If there is a bean who doesn't have enough money to pay for an operayshun that a cat or even a drooler needs, they will help that bean get some money to pay the vetty beans. IMOM was started by a nice lady who had a diabetic cat named Magic. You can read all about it at IMOM. Mom sez tell you it is a 501(c)3 non-profit, whatever that means.

Anyway, mom read on the Feline Diabetes Message Board (fixed the link) that there is an orange kitty named Miles who got hurted when a bad bean came in his house and kicked him! We are sending a little bit of money and if you can tell your beans to send some too, we can help this kitty get better. If you can't send any money, please say some purrayers for Miles, his meowmie will appreciate them very much.

Thank you from Buddy and Finny too.
A person broke into the home of Miles and kicked him across the room, breaking his leg Monday night. Miles' Mom, Gina has gone above and beyond to get treatment for him. She has provided us with everything we need even though she had trouble with our application. Miles is a 3 year old neutered orange kitty. The surgeon feels that the prognosis for repair and recovery is good at this point. Miles is tentatively scheduled for surgery on Monday. They sent him home with pain meds.

Donations to Miles can be made at [] and should be marked "EF - Miles Pasini."
Note from Finny -- if you want to keep up with Miles' story, click here for the forum where his updates are posted. Thank you for helping however you can!

And another note from me, Buddy - the IMOM beans even helped bring me to my mom all the way from New Jersey! There are good beans who help get cats and droolers where they need to go for a furever home and they drove me from NJ to North Carolina!!


Fat Eric said...

We went and read Miles's story. He is a lovely looking kitty! We made a small donation. Your link to the "Feline Diabetes Message Board" isn't working for us though. Thanks for letting us know about Miles - please keep us posted if you can.

Just Ducky said...

Oh dear, what a nasty thing to happen. I sent a message to Fat Eric. We need to make him part of the Gorgeous Ginger Gang.

Sanjee said...

Wow, that's icky. I made Mommy go make a donation right away. They sound like nice people tho, the IMOM beans. That's real neato that they drove you all the way there to get a furever home!