August 24, 2006

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First...we aksed Miss Yuki and Miss Kimiko to help us name our Squillions becos we wanted them to have the nise Japanese names and they suggested "for the girl kitty (lite grey) we like machiko (ma-chee-ko chee as in cheese and ko as in cocoa) which means fortunate. they was really lucky ars mommy spotted them hiding in the back of the shelter. an furs the boy (dark grey) we like kiyoshi (kee-o-she long o sound) which means quiet. he never mews at all."

We think these names are just purrfect! Kiyoshi reely is furry quiet, he hardly efur sez annyfing and wen he does he has a furry soft voice. Miss Machiko is so furry polite and pretty too, don't you think? We are so glad they came to live wif us! We're gonna send them on some advenchers once they are all settled in.

* * * *

Looky! We got another packij!! This one sed it was for Buddy and it was from Little Miss Maggie May! He gotted lots of mousies and some jax and a bag of crunchyfoods and a cool toy that you put on a doorknob and it bounces bak and forth - way cool fun! Thanks Miss Maggie May!

* * * * *

Mom stoppt in one of the Green Wall Shelters today and there were 5 kitties from the litter of Squillions there. There were 3 orange kitties and 2 grey ones. There is another Green Wall Shelter neer us too so there may be even more of them up for adoption. So if anycat would like to adopt one, let us know and we will send mom out to get you one.


The Crew said...

Hi guys! We're suprised to hear the shelter still had a few of the LOS left, but are glad your Mom found them. Midnight, who is a twin of Kiyoshi, will be glad to hear about that. Yes, we agree, these GWSK's do tend to be rather quiet, and they dont' eat much!

Just Ducky said...

The Green Wall Shelters near us have been out of 'ramic kitties. So looks like the Whiskonsin kitties got adopted.

Yes, these guys are furry quiet. Vir-ginger talks furry quiet to me, but never to mum. No loud meows or hisses from her.


Dat some nice prezzies for Buddy. Looks like a lot of fun.

YOU got two cute new kitties. We likes dem too. Looks a lot like our Inky!


Victor Tabbycat said...

Great stuff! Machiko and Kiyoshi should settle in quickly; they are furry nice kitties who nefur complain.

Mom saw 3 kitties at the Green Wall Shelter in Baraboo, but Dad said no more kitties. They were kinda dirty an scratched an one had a mole or wart on its face. They'll be ok.

Finny, I posted my FSA, but sumone questioned yur legal background. I'm ok wif how this turned out, cept that plant is still taunting me.

Hot(M)BC said...

MORE Squillions??? Wow! That's hard to beeleeve! A squillion Squillions! hehehe
And lookit all those mousies! Maggie is a super secret paw. I guess cuz she's growin up in the secret paw tradition *nods* An you looks all hansome in your pikshurs Finny -- I likes particularly the one where we can see all your colored spots on your side. Sum pikshurs makes you look almos like a white cat, but I knows you's not. hehehe

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Our Green Wall Shelter kits never talk to Momma, so she thinks they can't talk, but they talk to us, in soft little whispers in the night, when the Furless ones are sleeping.

Looks like hours of fun with that loot!


momsbusy said...

we is so happy you liked the names we picks for the gws kitties.

buddy got lots of good stuff from lttle miss maggie may. is he gonna shares wif you finegan?

yuki & kimiko

Anonymous said...

we likes the names furry much an Darkle says hi too!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe there am any more squillions left! We don't have that shelter where I live.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That's an innertresting packij you got.We likes the names furr the new itties too. They is furry sofistykatid names.