January 31, 2006

Back to normal....

The Nap-A-Thon was soooooo much fun, we had a great time napping with efurrycat and comparing purrrrrrs and tails and nibbling diffrunt treats from round the world. Thanks so much to the Calico Girls for hostessing. (We do have to find out how to save the cool commemorative button to our sidebar though.)

I don't think we should wait all the way 'til next year to have another party, so me and Buddy are planning something special that will be a snowy day party. We'll have more details soon...

In the meantime, things are back to normal around our house and Buddy is feeling fine. Thanks efurryone for the purrayers, good thots, healing white light and whatever else you did to get him better.

-- Finny

Nice Boys....

No More Nice Boys!It's on now!!!

January 27, 2006

The (First) Best Cat Ever

We're letting Mom take over the blog today (just today!) so she can tell about Jasper, our Guardian Angel who waits at the Bridge. So this post is dedicated to him and our Gramma, you'll see why. Thanks for training mom and bringing us to her, Jasper! -- Buddy & Finny

Thanks boys!

Jasper adopted me on October 20, 1990. Jasper was about a year old and as I've come to learn, one-year old cats are still kittens, they just don't look like it!

In the summer of 1999 Jasper was diagnosed with diabetes and I learned to give insulin shots. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the diabetes under control and in January of 2000, after several days of illness, the vets figured out that Jasper was also suffering from liver trouble, probably cancer. It was inoperable (at that time, things have changed) and after several days of tests and continual deterioration, I had to make the most difficult decision to let him go ahead to Rainbow Bridge.

My mom, from whom I get my love of cats, was with us, dad was in and out of the room. I was sitting in a chair holding Jasper and mom was leaning over us from behind as the doctor did what had to be done. Jasper slipped away with me telling him how much I loved him and thanking him for sharing his life with me. My vet was wonderful, letting me hold him as long as I needed, slowly walking away when I finally gave him to her, stopping so I could give him one last kiss.

As we left the office, mom told dad she wasn't feeling too well and could we stop by her dr.'s office so they could check her bp. The dr.'s office wasn't closed and mom said maybe you'd better take me to the hospital. Turns out she was having a heart attack! Thankfully it was a mild one, but she did spend several days in the hospital. The day after the heart attack, she told me that as she was drifting off to sleep, she felt a weight against her arm where Jasper used to lean up against her while taking a nap during his visits to their house. That night she had a dream that Jasper was met at the Rainbow Bridge by all the cats from our family, who welcomed him and told him stories of me when I was a little girl.

My apartment was unbearable without Jasper, and six weeks after he left, I visited S.A.F.E. Haven for Cats and met Finnegan. I'm convinced Jasper picked him out for me and Finny was a great help in healing the pain of Jasper's loss. He always seemed to know just when I needed a hug or to see him chase his silly raccoon-striped tail.

Jasper about a month before he passed. He's laying on a Hawaiian style quilt that my mom made. Jasper was the only cat she allowed to lay on it because he looked so perfectly handsome there. Mom recovered from her heart attack with therapy and lots of exercise, and 4 months later, on my 40th birthday, we did a 5-mile MS Walk together. Even though it was pouring rain, she was determined to do the whole thing and she did!

January 25, 2006

The Cats who came before..(and a drooler too)

Our new friend Derby was shocked and hurt to find out he wasn't his mom bean's first-ever cat, but they talked and efurrything is ok now.

We have allways known that our mom grew up with lots of cats and we're ok with that becos there are so many cats who live in bad shelters or out on the streets and don't have nice warm houses with stinky goodness and computers and blogs and friends around the world. So we think all good beans should have a couple of cats and like mom says, "Every Life Should Have Nine Cats!"

So here are pix of most of the cats mom has known in her life.

This is Orfy, the first cat mom ever knew! He was there in the house when she camed home from the bean vetty hospital. Of course, he was a growed-up cat then, but we couldn't find that picture.

Then there is Two Bits - I bet you can guess why he was called that! And you can't see it very good in this picture, but he has the cool raccoon-stripy tail like me, Finny! And see his flat ears? He had terrible ear mites when he was a kitten and they hurted his ears bad and his ears wouldn't stand up rite after that. But they worked just fine otherwise.
Around that same time was also Sandy - he was a very tough guy who fought with all the other neighborhood cats and allways would come home with scratches and bites on him. But he was nice to the bean kids. Sandy and Bits both lived to a ripe old age.

Next is "Sorry Charlie" - granma sez there was too many cats alreddy and he would have to leave. But he stayed for a couple of years anyway and one day he wandered away to find a new home and bean family.

There was a nice ladycat who came to live with our family for a while, her name was Kid, but we couldn't find a picture of her. Mom got sad when she told about Kid because one day some bad bean shooted her with a BB gun and she was hurted so bad the beans had to help her go to the Bridge and the vetty bean found out she had baby kittens in her tummy too. But we know she must have been such a nice cat to adopt our family.

When Bits and Sandy were maybe 11 or 12 years old, the family adopted two more cats! Known all their lives as "the kittens", Sox and Jennie were not littermates but adopted from the same place. Kitty Sox was an adventuress and she even liked Pax the drooler that came to live with them when the kittens were a year old. Grampa was Pax's favorite person!

Jennie was very timid and quiet and she was mom's favorite. She was also called Jennie-Bird because she made little chirpy noises like a birdy! She lived to be 19 years old and Sox went to the Bridge a few years before her.

Mom bean was a grown up and had moved away to Michigan and was very sad living all by herself without any cats to train her or take care of her. So one day she went to the Lenawee County Humane Society thinking she would get a nice grey cat like Jennie bird. Well she looked at all the growed-up cats and they were ALL sleeping, except for one short haired white cat and one long-haired white cat! She walked slowly by all the cages and talking to the cats (even tho they were sleeping) but the short-haired white cat was awake and he talked to her and played with the string on her shirt...and when she moved to look at the next cage, do you know what he did?

He putted his paw out of the cage and tapped her on the shoulder!! Mom bean knew right then that she didn't have any choice and this cat had picked her out. His name was Jasper. He lived with mom for 10 years and 3 months, but he got diabetes and something was also wrong with his liver like cancer or something else bad. Even though mom and the vetty beans tried very hard, they couldn't make him get better and they had to help him go to the Bridge. Mom is going to tell more about him on Friday, because that is the anniversary of the day he went to the Bridge to wait for her.

After Jasper went to the Bridge, mom was very sad and lonely again. Six weeks later I came to live with her! I will tell my story another time, since this is getting long. This is me and my little sis Daisy, she was sick when she came to live with us and went to the Bridge too. We will tell about her another time too.

And three years ago, Buddy came to town!!

Derby, we hope you feel lots better now!!!

January 23, 2006

Buddy's Resting

Hi efurrycat! Thanks for the good wishes and purrayers for Buddy. He should be better in a couple of days. While Buddy rests and gets feeling better, I'll put up some pictures of him when he was feeling better and playing.

This is the first day Buddy came out of isolation after me and Mom adopted him. He explored all over the house and I followed him around to make sure he didn't go anywhere he shouldn't.

Buddy loves to play under things like blankets and this plastic mom was using when she painted some table.

Buddy sure had fun at the St. Patty's Day party...

January 22, 2006

Buddy is sick

Update - Buddy came home around 12:30 a.m. The mean vettys gave him waters under his furs and he has a big funny lump around his neck but he says he peed a lot and at least he doesn't feel like he has to go a lot right now. They gave him a shot of painkiller too and some medicine for mom to give him for the next couple of days. But he doesn't have crystals or an infeckshun so that is good. Thanks for the purrayers. Finny

Buddy gets the cystitis sometimes when he gets upsetted about something and he got upsetted the other night 'cos the fire trucks came and a fireman pounded on our door and made us get out of the house because the lady in the next townhouse smelled gas. Mom put me in the carrier but she couldn't get Buddy and he scratched her and ran away when she got him. And now it hurts him when he goes pee pee in the litter boks and he cries. And today he is all droopy and feels yucky. Mom just calld the mergency vetty plase and they want her to bring him there rite now. So she is waiting for a taxi to take them cos our car is brokend. Please efurrycat think the good thoughts for Buddy or say purrayers or whatever you do. Thank you. Finny

January 20, 2006

Look what Oreo taught us!

Oreo helped me and Buddy learn how to do links in our posts! Let's see what else we can put in...mom won a gift card at Tarjay at her werk holiday party and she bought us this cool thing, we just wish it wasn't PINK! It's fun anyway!

Today mom stayed home from werk to play with us. The windows are open and the back sliding door is open too and there's a nice breeze blowing in. Mom was cleaning up the closet where she keeps all the foods and I went in there to look for catnip...I know I smelled it but I couldn't find it.

We are sad becos Granma isn't coming to see us tomorro. Mom's car got brokened last nite when she was coming home from werk and she says she wouldn't be able to go get Granma at the train station or go get groceries. Anty Virginia's boyfriend Brian bean is going to try to fix it but he can't werk on it 'til Sunday. Mom says Granma will come another time. This is another pic we found of Granma with a quilt she made and her own cats Lily and Iz.


January 18, 2006

The Tongue 2 Nose Challenge!

I can do it! I can do it!! Mom akshully took this picture last year and I just noticed that she put it in this frame a few months ago. She put the stickers of grass around it 'cos I like to eat grass. I even grow my own in a speshul little greenhouse. Finny can prolly touch his nose with his tongue too but he really likes to chase his own tail, so mom has pictures of him doing that. I'll tell her to look for one of him touching his nose. See ya!


January 17, 2006

The Boxes

Lots of cats asked about the boxes and why is Granma coming to help put stuff in them. It's 'cause we is moving to Durham, NC soon! See, me and mom used to live there, then she got a new "job" here in Charlotte so we moved here. But she likes Durham much better and has more bean friends there and Granma and Grampa and our Aunt Ree live there too. So when she got the chance to make a transfer at her company and work in the Raleigh office, she took it. So we just got to sell our house and then we can go back to Durham!

Here's a pic of mom when she was just a little bean (she's not that cute anymore) with one of the family cats named Charlie. Teehee, she's got bells on her shoes - do you think they thought she was a cat?? She still has the chair - here's me in it with a beach towel.


January 16, 2006

Granma's Coming to Visit!

Mom just told us that Granma is coming to visit us this weekend to help put things in bokses! But we know that really Granma is coming so she can pet us and give us treats becos mom is mean and doesn't pet us enough (beans never do) or give enough treats. Last year mom had to go away for "bizniss" and we stayed at Granma and Grampa's house for a long time. This is Finny doing his splatting thing with Granma. He gets sooooo relaxed!

And here is a pic of me with Grampa when we went to visit them at Christmas. He has great big hands but is very gentle with them. Mom says he has a gentle spirit and even the most scaredy girly cats love him.


PS: Thanks everybody for welcoming us and putting us on your blogs! Finny

January 15, 2006

The lure of the closet...

...it's got a very strong appeal...

Mostly mom does not let us in this closet, but lately Buddy has been scratching at the carpet to get in there and mom squirts him. But one night one of her other cat mom friends told her that he must have a good reason and she should let him in there. So she did and this is what he had to do in there.

And then I went in there and this is what I did. Isn't it fun to make your beans crazy?


January 14, 2006

Saturday stuff

I decided sints I'm orinch, I'm going to put my posts in orinch! What do you think? I also don't spell very good sometimes cos I have better things to do than worry about what letters go where.

So, today mom went out to the grosery store TWO times. The first time she buyed foods for our house, she got some good wet foods for us and stuffs to make a pot of soop for her and some other things too. While she was making the soop and cutting up stuff, Aunty Virginia, who lives 2 doors away from us, came over and aksed mom to take her to the store. Aunty Virginia is nice, even though she has two stinky droolers at her house. Wen mom goes away she comes and feeds us and she is real good at playing with me.

It was soooooo windy outside today! There was so many leaves flying around it looked like birdies everywhere!! Finny was trying to chase them right through our back door window, but I know better. I kept telling mom I wanted to go out there but she said oh no Buddy it is tooooo windy and cold for me to chase you around outside. I said you don't have to chase me if you would just let me go out like a normal cat. She says you can only go out with the harness on. HA!

I'm trying to find a picture of our back window and my birdies, but I can't find it right now. This is me by the back window. Mom thinks it makes me look elegant and refined when I do this. Little does she know....


We got commenters!!

Wow! Me and Buddy are so eksited! Victor and Derby both came by our blog and welcomed us and Derby even put a note in his own post about us. We put their blogs on our list but we din't figure out how to make them in our post yet.

Thanks, guys, that was really nice!


January 13, 2006

Meet Finny & Buddy

I'm Finnegan, also known as Finny. I am white with some tabby marks on my head, beige on my back and a really cool raccoon stripy tail! I am about 7 years old, but becos I came from a shelter and had been brought there by some nice beans who found me at an apartment complex, we don't know for sure. Anyway, I adopted my mom when I was about a year old. This pic is from early on, my beige has gotten a lot darker!

This is my "brother" Buddy. Mom sez I have to call him that, even though he wasn't born with me or adopted with me and is one whole year younger than me! He is orange. How boring is that? He has very long whiskers, that's the only special thing about him. Oh and he gets into crazy positions that other cats don't do.

We get along pretty good most of the time, we play running up and down the stairs and we wrestle too. But sometimes he is annoying and I smack him or he thinks I am too bossy and he tries to smack me. Hmph.

Ok, I think that's all for now! We will take turns writing the blog and telling our stories.