January 4, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day Buddy!!!!

Nine years ago today my first mom in Noo Jersee putted me in a PTU and drove me to Fillydelfia. Then she said goodbye and put my PTU in a car wif another bean who drove and drove and then putted me into a diffrunt car wif another bean!

This went on allllll day long. Drive drive drive move the PTU to another car drive drive drive move the PTU to another car drive drive drive. In some of the cars there was a woofie with me, but he was ok. All the peoples were furry nise - they said they was taking us to our furever homes. I din't unnerstand this, becos I thot I was alreddy in my furever home wif my boy Brandon who resskewed me wen I was a little kitten and got losted from my momcat.

It was dark when I got putted into a van wif a nise lady named Debra, she sed she knew my new mom bean and was going to take me to her. We drove even more but then Debra stopped and got me a hamburger! Well not the hole thing, but she gave me some and it was furry good.

Soon, a little white car drove up. A lady got out and got in the van wif us. She took me out of the PTU and gave me a hug. Then she said let's go home, Buddy. So we got in her car and drove drove drove some more.

I stayed in one little bafroom by myself for a while. Mom would come in to talk to me, give me some foods or treats, but I just growled and hissed at her for a long time. See, I was furry confused and upset becos I was missing my Brandon boy. But mom kept talking nice to me and Finny would play paws unner the door wif me. Then one day, I got to come out and explore my new house.