May 13, 2014

Going to see Grandpa, Skeezy & lots of old furiends

I haven't been feeling furry well for a few days now and this morning Mom and my nice v.e.t. helped me to begin my journey to Rainbow Bridge. I've been fighting the megacolon problem for a couple of years, but I got really tired of the medisins and feeling crummy alot of the time so I decided it was time to go.

Mom, Ant Marjie, Ant Ree and my good Grandma were there with me, giving me lots of hugs and kisses and messijs for Grampa and all of our fambly cats who have gone ahead.

I know Mom and the rest of the beans will miss me, but Buddy and Jazzy and Cuzzin Cavalli and efen the woofie Callie will take care of them reely good.

Once I have a nice long ride on my good Grampa's shoulders and see my little sis Daisy, I'm going to start looking around for Skeezix and Kismet and Fat Eric and Miss Sanjee and sooooo many other furiends who have gone ahead.

I'll see you all someday!

Love & hugs & purrs,
Finnegan J. Katz