June 21, 2010

Purrrrs needed for Ant Ree bean pleez!

Ant Ree bean, who is mom & Ant Marjie's sisfur and the good mom bean to Cuzzins Grady & Gilmore, was riding her bicycle yesterday on a bizzy rode, and a bad bean driving a car knocked her rite off her bike!

Pore Ant Ree is furry herted, her collar is broken and one of her ribs too. And she has lots of brooses and scrapes where she slid on the rode.

Rite now Ant Ree is in Dook hospittle, but they hope to bring her home to Grady and Gilmore this afternoon so they can start taking care of her

We wood appresheate lots of purrs and purrayers for the good Ant Ree to help her get better wifowt lots of herty times

Fank you!

--Finny, Buddy & Princess Jazzy for Grady & Gilmore

June 10, 2010

ALL Cats are Byootiful!!

A man-bean who works wif mom came to visit us at the farm.
Do you know what he sed when he saw me (Finny)?

"That's the UGLIEST cat I've ever seen!"

Maybe I don't sit up in a chair like a human bean like Cuzzin Grady,
but all my paws and my tummy are white, just like his....

...and maybe I don't have byootiful floof like Cuzzin Gilmore,
but some of my furs are gray and my tummy is floofy...
...and I don't have purrfect tabby stripes and
a M on my face like Buddy

and Jazzy, but I do have some tabby marks on my hed
that make haff of an M...
...and my tale has efen niser racoon stripes
than Cuzzin Dusty's!

So, duzzin't that add up to a byootiful cat???

June 2, 2010


Happy Birthday at the Bridge, Daisy. We miss you.

Love Mama & Finny