October 2, 2012


Our LiveStrong Day post is in honor of our furry good Grampa. Although he is a 2-year bladder cancer survivor, the fact that he had the cancer and surgery to remove the tumor still affects his health today.

Last week, Grampa was in the hospital for a few days and Finny went to visit him! Mom carried him into Grampa's room in a special tote bag and nobody even knew! It made Grampa furry happy to see his furend Finny. Gramma was furry happy to see Finny too, so we're glad Finny was brave enuff to go on this speshal visit.

Today, we also honor the memory of mom's furend, 

Bobby Piampiano 

and the Zoolatry Girls' Poppy Vic

and our deer furend, Lilly Lu.