May 26, 2009

Get Well Grandma!!

Owr furry good Grandma, who gives the best pettings and snuggles, had an operayshun today.

Please join us and Grandma's kitties Lilly and Iz in purring to help her feel better.

May 22, 2009

Maybe Finny's not such a bad cat...

Hi Efurryone (speshly Kintaro!) I think I've desided that maybe Finny is a pretty good brofur.
I nefur had a brofur befor, so I din't know how to act with him and Buddy. I hissed at them a lot and tryd to chase them! Mama sed that wasn't a good idea.

Sinse mama has been staying at the farm to take care of Cuzzins Dusty and Cavalli & Magic woofie, me and Finny and Buddy have been on owr own a lot more. So we haf spent lots of time talking and getting to kno each ofur better.

Finny is reely nise! He's a good snuggler and a good player, efen if he is allmost a geezer cat. Buddy duzzn't reely want to play wif me yet, but he will soon, I just kno it. And then we will all be furrends!!

But I will still be The Princess

May 18, 2009

Cuzzins at the Horsie Farm

Baaaad woofie! But check owt the grate screened-in porch!!

Cuzzin Dusty (left) & Cuzzin Cavalli settle in for a snooze.

Dusty enjoys the porch perch

Pore Cavalli - no bed to sleep in!

Check out Cuzzin Cavalli's grate danse moves!!

May 11, 2009

Taste Test! Cool Claws treats for Cats

Ant Ree Bean got this treat for Cuzzins Gilmore and Grady.

Do you fink they liked it?

Gilmore is smacking his lips!

Wow! That's a big smile from Grady!!

Let's go to the viddy-oh for the live report!

Bummer...stoopid viddy-oh won't lode...

Go here!