July 17, 2009

Please keep Purring for Cuzzin Jackie Bean

Fanks so much for the purrs and purrayers, efurrycat & efurrybean and woofies too. 

The Jackie bean is AWAKE!!!!  

She is fighting the restraints and tubes and fings, but she is not in a coma anymore. She still has lots of healing to do and will be in the hospital for a while. But she made a big step yesterday!!!


still in a coma from bonking her hed after falling wif the Chip horse. All owr fambly beans are praying furry hard and all the animals are doing whatefur we do - purring, wagging, whinnying....efurryfing we can do for the Jackie bean we are doing. 

We know the purrs are helping becos Jackie is getting a tiny bit better. She is not getting as menny medisins as before. Today she is getting some speshul Em Arr Eye tests to make sure her hed and nek and spine are ok. 

So pleez keep purring and doing efurryfing you've been doing. The messijes are reely comferting to us all. The beans are printing out the messijs and reading them to Jackie. 

Fank you all!

Love Finny Buddy & Jazzy -- Jackie's kitties Dusty and Cavalli, her woofie Magic and the horses Max and Jack...oh and we forgot, Ruffian the barn kitty!

July 11, 2009

Purrs & Prayers needed for Cuzzin Jackie Bean!!!


Our good Cuzzin Jackie Bean the Horsey Girl had a terribul fall from a horsey last Thursday nite. She is in intensive care at Dook Medical Center here in Norf CArolina. Her head got bonked arownd and she is in a coma from medisins so she doesn't hurt herself anymore.

All of the Carolina Cats and Magic the Woofie and the horses Max and Jack are purring and grring and whinnying for Jackie Bean to get better and wake up soon so she can come home.

Please aks yore beans and all yore animal furends to join us becos we need lots of help to get Jackie all better.

Thank you!!

Jackie's kitties are Cavalli and Dusty - they love her furry much. Dusty is sleeping on her bed waiting for her to come home. The Max horse keeps looking for her too, so we know he misses her.

--Finny, Buddy & Jazzy