May 24, 2012

Purring for Friends Old & New

Today we are purring for a new friend, Miss Artemisia, who has gone walkabout like I did just a few days ago. I purromise, Miss Arty, it was not fun! Please come home to your good beans so they can spoil you and give you lots of good foods.

We are also purring for a very old and dear furend who has gone to the Bridge this morning. Miss Parker's fambly is furry sad that she has left them, but we know that she is happy and healthy at the Bridge.

 Until we meet agane, Miss Parker...

May 21, 2012


 We were awoken at 5:45am to the other cats in the house having a big fight, looked outside and there was Finny tiptoeing through the wet grass outside the dog's pen. We scooped him up, hugged and squished him for about 10 minutes and then the eating began! He seems ok physically; we've only picked one flea and one tick off him so far. Now he's napping, which I'm sure will go on for quite a while!
 Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts in guiding my Finn home.

May 20, 2012

Please come home Finny!!

Finny has gone walkabout. He snuck out last nite while the beans were having their family reunion party. There's been lots of little sticky people here opening and closing the door alot. I just stayed safely in Ant Marjie's bedroom and Jazzy stayed in Mom's room. But Finny had to be social; he kept going to visit different beans when they came in.

Mom is furry worried. She keeps going out walking and calling him and then she went out wif lots of little sines saying lost cat reward wif Finny's piksher on it.

Please send all your best purrs and purrayers for Finny to come home soon. We miss him.