February 26, 2006


Is ennycat else having trouble uploading pictures on blogger today? We haven't been able to upload enny since yesterday. We've tried dofferent onces, different sizes - nothing works.

Another trouble we have is last nite our mom got in an accident in grampa's pickup truck. She is ok but has some aches and pains so me and Finny are taking turns napping with her and purring to help her feel better.

We will be back posting again in a few days.


February 25, 2006

...And the winners are....

We gotted 15 entries with guesses on Pawtraits and only ONE poodin got them ALL correct! It was Timothy Dickens!!! Congratulations Timmy!

Out of the 41 pawtraits, there was one that nocat but Timmy was able to correctly identify - here it is. So the winner of the "Pawtrait that Stumped the Most Guessers" is.... Miss Boni Maroni!!! Great pawtrait Miss Boni! It was number 7. We don't seem to be able to post pix right now, but we'll put it here when we can.

The Viewer's Choice winner is.....unknown! Efurrybody voted for a different pawtrait and some forgot to pick one. So..when the picture uploader is working again, we will post the finalists and ask efurryone to vote by comments or email for the winner, OK?

The list of Pawtraits is below. Thanks efurrycat and beans for playing. We had fun and hope you did too!

Tannie Man 1
Miss S 2
Miles 3
Ghost 4
Sammy 5
Bonnie Underfoot 6
Boni 7
Sanjee 8
Jasper 9
Maggie & Huggy 10
Maggie 11
Josie 12
Charlie Fluffbum 13
Pandora 14
Oscar 15
Nicky 16
Lizzie the Good Cat 17
Brach 18
Kukka-Maria 19
Caturday 20
Ms. Mia 21
Mia (of Mia & Ghost) 22
George 23
Max 24
Tipper 25
Bombay 26
Timothy Dickens 27
Sophia the Diva Kitty 28
Edsel/The Pooch 29
Cosmo 30
Fat Eric 31
Victor Tabbycat 32
Beau 33
Derby 34
Oreo 35
Patches Lady 36
Mittens Pollypaws 37
Mistrie Rose 38
Knightly 39
Firenze 40
Lizzie the Monster 41

February 24, 2006

Do we have *your* entry yet?

We have paw portrait entries from some cats and beans, but not even efurrycat who entered. The final final FINAL deadline is Saturday, Feb. 25 at noon eastern time. We will post the results as soon as we figure them all out.

Entries received from - Crew's Views, Oreo, The Meezers, Derby, Bonnie & Victor, Beau, Timothy Dickens, Ms. Mia, Oscar, The Calico Girls, Charlie & Pandora (The Britcats).

Don't forget -
one entry per bean/cat/whatever you are
email entries to finnegan_cat@hotmail.com
don't forget to include your Viewer's choice for favorite pawtrait

Here's the link for the list of paws entries - don't forget to check their blogs for hints. Lots of cats put a hint on their blog in the last week or so. Pawtraits

We had lots of fun with the pawtraits and the hints and haikus and efurrything, we hope you did too!!

Mom is anxious for Spring to come too!

February 23, 2006

February 22, 2006

Haiku Hints!

Efurrycat is having so much fun writing haikus. We wroted one for Max and then we found some other cats wrote some for their pawtrait hints so we're gonna post 'em here.

Don't forget, when you send in your list of pawsies, to put your Viewer's Choice (just one) for best pawtrait.

Oh, and Mr Eponine's Cowboy said he would've entered this for his pawtrait and we think it would have been funny if he did so we're posting it.

Also we got these nice pawtraits when it was too late to add them to the contest.

<-- Ullrick
Sweetie -->
edsel, tuxedo
two paws with no black in sight
sleeping, with no fight

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Empress Kukka-Marie did these...

Cat Pawtrait Contest
Giving me headaches galore!
Way too many cats...

Brach's Pawtrait clue is:
"One of my sleeves is pushed up."
That makes it easy.

Kukka's Pawtrait clue:
"Pristine white gloves, but
wait--NO!!That's pigment...not poop!"

February 20, 2006

Daisy - June 2000 - Feb. 20, 2002

This is my little sis, Daisy. Me and Mom dopted her on June 2, 2001. She was about a year old and she was from a shelter but she was at a Petsmart waiting to be dopted when Mom went in there.

It didn't take long for me and Daisy to become friends and we played together a lot. I taught her all the impawtent things, like how nice it is to give mom hugs when she comes home from work. After a while, mom would pick us both up and we would give her hugs, me on one side and Daisy on the other - purring and purring - mom called it kitty stereo and she said it was her favorite sound in the world. One time, we were playing chasies and we knocked over a table with all pikchers of the neeses and nephews on it. Daisy was scared and ran away, but I knew mom wouldn't yell at us, she just laughed and said we were silly and she picked up the pikchers.

Daisy loved to just sit with mom, up on her shoulder, purring and purring and getting petted. Now we know that Daisy didn't play all the time because she didn't feel very good always. Daisy had only been with us for 9 months when she started acting really strange one weekend. She was eating litter out of the litter box and hardly eating any foods. She wasn't walking right either, and you could tell that something was wrong with one of her eyes. Mom took Daisy to the vetty bean where she had lots of tests and got some medicines to help her while they waited for the test results. Two days later Daisy wasn't any better and they had all the test results. Daisy had FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) and she wasn't going to get better ever. Mom didn't want to, but she had to help Daisy go to Rainbow Bridge and now she is our Guardian Angel, just like Jasper and all the other cats from our family who have gone ahead.

Mom says she knows that all cats are here to teach her something and that Daisy was here to teach her to appreciate everyone in your life, because you never know when you might lose them. So please, efurrycat, give your beans some good hugs and purrs in honor of Daisy today. And efurrybean, please make sure that all the furries and beans in your life know that you love and appreciate them too.

February 17, 2006

Deadline extended!

Since the Pawtrait contest is verry challenging, we are extending the deadline for entries with your answers to Saturday, Feb. 25 at 8 a.m. eastern. Scroll down to see rules and hints and stuff. And don't forget to look at the websites of the entered blogger cats, lots of them are putting hints on their blogs to help you figure out their paws. And even if they don't post hints, you can find other pictures of them and their pawsies to help you figure them out. We're sure glad efurrycat is having so much fun with the contest!

Finny & Buddy

February 16, 2006

Good paws / Bad paws / Icy Paws

First of all, I am not a goody four-paws! I get in plenty of trouble with mom for pawing at the kitchen blinds and wrecking them (grampa keeps fixing them) for biting on cardbord boxes and leaving pieces of cardbord efurryware and for begging for mom's foods and for howling my hed off at nite and other stuff too. I espeshly like getting Mousie all drooly and putting him in bed with mom so she finds him in the morning when she wakes up!!!

I only sed no hints becos I want the pawticipants to make their own hints. I think it will be more fun that way. Jasper has alreddy done some hints on his blog and I think Edsel too. And the entry of the Mysterious Paw has graciously posted it on their website, thereby giving efurrycat one freebie! You still have to figure out which blog it is though! That is very sporting of each of you. Keep up the good work and with sharp eyes you'll be able to figure them all out.

We tried to put the Flickr badge on our sidebar, but it screwed up the page so we had to take it off.


February 14, 2006


Finny sez no hints, but he's a goody four-paws and I'm a wild boy and I don't have to listen to efurrything he sez, so I'm gonna give some hints!! Don't tell on me, ok? Ready...wait, where is he? Ok, he's napping... here goes!

Hint #1 - all white paws do not necessarily belong to white cats

Hint #2 - Pawtrait #20 is not really an actual pawtrait as some cats have noticed. But if you visit the blogs of those cats who live in cold places, you might figure it out.

Hint #3 - There is a pawtrait of somecat whose name tells you something about their paws.

Hint #4 - If you look closely at Pawtr...uh-oh!! Ummmm, hi Finny, what's up? What am I doing? Me? Oh I'm just looking at the pawtraits. No I'm not giving hints! I wouldn't do that, would I? Let's play!!!

February 12, 2006

Paws! Paws! Paws! Paws! Paws! Paws!

OK efurrybody, we apologize for the confusion earlier with the pictures not getting bigger when you click on them. Thanks to the Whippy Curly Tails, we have uploaded them at Flickr. Once you click on it and get to Flickr, you can make it real big and see the pawsies up close!!

We're not giving any hints, but you can ask the other blogger cats for hints on their pawtraits.

Pawtraits 1-15

Pawtraits 16-31
Pawtraits 32-41

It's Time for the Paw Portrait Contest!!!!

OK, efurrycat, it's time to start surfing the blogs and naming some paws! Here's the rules:

1. It's all in fun
2. One entry per cat (or bean or bun or whatever species you may be) - if you send more than one entry, the one we use will be the last one received by the deadline
3. All entries must be emailed to finnegan_cat@hotmail.com
4. Note "Paw Portrait entry" in your email subject line
5. Entries must be received by 1 pm eastern time, Monday Feb. 20
6. We won't be giving any hints, but that doesn't mean you can't post a hint about your paws in our comment box or on your own blog
7. Contest is open to all bloggers, not just those who submitted a pawtrait
8. Prizes will be awarded in three categories -- Most Correct Guesses, Pawtrait that Stumped the Most Entries and Viewer's Choice for Best Pawtrait. In the event of a tie in any category, multiple prizes will be awarded
9. Make sure to note your Viewer's Choice in your email entry
10. Additional rules may be added as needed (in case we forgot anything)
11. It's all in FUN!!

February 11, 2006


Lookit lookit lookit!! This is all the kitties we got Paw Portraits from!!! We are working on the pawtraits, making sure they are sized right to post and we might even get them posted tomorrow. In the meantime, you can start looking at the blogs of our entrants and paying attention to what their pawsies look like. Have fun, it's back to work for me and Buddy!

Beau Bombay Boni Bonnie Underfoot Brach Caturday Charlie Fluffbum Cosmo Derby Edsel/The Pooch Fat Eric Firenze George Ghost Jasper Josie Knightly Kukka-Maria Lizzie (the Good Cat) Lizzie Maggie Maggie & Huggy Max Mia (of Mia & Ghost) Miles
Miss S Mistrie Rose Mittens Pollypaws Ms. Mia Nicky Oreo Oscar Pandora Patches Lady Sammy Sanjee Sophia Tannie Man Timothy Dickens Tipper Victor

February 10, 2006

Tag, we're it!!!

Our friend Oscar tagged us for this fun game!

Here are the rules:

1. Go into your archives.

2. Find your 23rd post.

3. Post the fifth sentence (or closest to it).

4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.

5. Tag five other people to do the same thing.

Bummer, I just checked and we don't have 23 posts yet! So I'm using the post from Jan. 23, how's that?

This is the first day Buddy came out of isolation after me and Mom adopted him.

Hahahahaha!! Ok, we tag....Gigolo Kitty, Knightly/Firenze/Lizzie, Buddah, Jasper McKitten and Musette/Brach. Have fun!!

Finny & Buddy

Last chance for Pawtraits!!

Wow!!! Wowzers!!! We have so-o-o-o many Paw Portraits for the Contest!

It's gonna be tough picking which paws belong to which cat! We'll prolly post the list of all the pawticipants tonight or tomorrow morning, then efurrycat can start paying attention to all the blogs and noticing what all the paws look like.

Then as soon as we get all the pawtraits numbered and sized right, we'll start posting them. We'll make the deadline for answers be Monday Feb. 20, by mom's lunchtime (1 pm eastern) but don't wate 'til the end to send yours in! (Sorry for the oops! Thanks Victor!)

Mom: Happy Friday to all the beans!! I know the kitties don't care what day of the week it is, but for us beans it means 2 whole days with our kitties!!!! Wooooohooooooooooo!!

February 6, 2006

Wow!! Lots of Pawtraits!

The Paw Portraits are coming in fast and furious! We have a whole bunch, like maybe 12 or 15 or something. Keep on sending them in to finnegan_cat@hotmail.com with Paw Portrait in the subject line and your bloggy address in the message too.

All portraits should be in by this Friday, Febyooerry 10. Then we will clean them up and post them on Monday and start the contest!! Me and Finny are digging throo mom's crafty boxes to make some good prizes. They'll be cool, don't worry. We won't let mom mess them up!

Paws up!!!


this is me and mom's broked paw last year!! I have one that shows the stuff they put in there too, but I didn't want to freak anycat out!

February 3, 2006

*** Paw Portrait Contest Tips ***

Looks like lots of cats want to play in the Paw Portrait Contest! So here's a few things to make sure it stays fun for efurrycat. Oh, and droolers and bunnies and any other critters in your house are welcome to play too!

* When you email your Paw Portrait to finnegan_cat@Hotmail.com please put "Paw Portrait" in the subject line (if you already sent one, please tell us in a comment what your email addy is)

* If you have something in the picture that would identify your house or a toy or something, blur it out or ask us to and we will

* Give us the link to your blog so we can make sure you're on our list

* All the cats who send paw portraits will be listed when the contest starts

That's all we can think of right now, so send your Paw Portraits and tell your friends to send theirs too!

That's our cousin Grady's paws!!

February 2, 2006

Paw Portrait Contest!!

Hi efurrycat!!

This picture of our friend Kitty, but just his paws, inspired mom to try to take a picture like it of Buddy's paws.

So then I had this idea...get your bean to take a picture of you, but just your paws. It could be just one or all of your paws, you could put something in the picture that is a hint of whose paws they are or make it hard. You could even use a picture you already have, just crop it so only your paws show.

Then email it to me at finnegan_cat@hotmail.com, we'll post all of them with no names, just numbers, and see who can figure out which paws belong to which cat! The kitty who gets the most right AND the kitty who stumps efurrycat else, will win a prize.

Let me know if you think this sounds like fun and we'll make a deadline for the pictures of paws of...Friday, Feb. 10. Then we'll get them uploaded and efurrything by Monday and start the contest.

-- Finny

February 1, 2006


I love love love to watch the birdies out the back window! Mom puts seeds out there for them and then the birdies grow out of the seeds. At least I think that's ware birdies come from, right? But then the birdies eat the seeds, so does that make them cannibals? Or birdibals? Maybe they don't want any more birdies growing from the seeds. Or maybe they are taking the seeds to there nests so they can grow more birdies there. What do you think?

Me and Finny watch the birdies every day...

When mom goes out to put more seeds out, we watch her carefully and tell her we want to come out too!

Sometimes if the inside door is open, I get very excited and try to get to the birdies....