May 24, 2007

Serious Post abowt Cat Hotels

Efurrycat has prolly seen Skeezix's reports on the nise hotel he and Mao stayd in last weeksend wile the Food Lady and Mr Tasty Fase were on vacashun.

We were reeding the new blog that Skeezix tolld abowt, starring, Minx, Muffin and Ebbie . There mom bean was looking for a nise hotel in there town but she coodn't find one! So she rote a furry good post abowt her advenchers in chekking owt diffrunt hotels and wich one she finely deesided wood be good enuff for Minx, Muffin and Ebbie.

Efurry bean shood read this post and make sure that if you absolootly haf to leave yore poodins wif strangers at a hotel or cattery, they follo these tips and find a furry good one.

We wood also like to menshun that if you or one of yore fur siblings needs speshul attenshun like medisin or speshul foods, yore mom or dad shood make sure that the staff at the hotel or at yore vetty bean's office knows eksakly wat they are doing! Chek owt this site abowt a furry speshul diabetic poodin (sugarcat) named Toonces who was given 10 times too much insulin by a bean who was not a vetty or even a vetty tech. As a result of this horribul overdose, Toonces was severely brane-damaged and his life was shortened drastickly. Don't let somefing like this happen to you or somecat you love!!

Heer is the furry nise hotel that owr brofur who came befor, Jasper, used to stay at and I (Finny) stayed at a few times too. Pet's Companion Inn is in Bahama, NC and the beans there are furry nise. They have nise big plases for droolers downstares and nise big plases for poodins upstares. Jasper used to like to sit in the window and watch the droolers wen they were playing owtside!

Be sure to talk to yore beans and make sure they kno that of corse, they shood nefur leave you or go anyware wifowt you, but if they do, to make sure they do lots of reserch and find the bestest plase they can to take care of you.

This has been a Feline Serviss Annownsement. Owr regyoolarly skedjuled silliness will resoom tomorro wif pikchers of the First Stroller Ride.

May 23, 2007

Putting it all Together

Hi efurrycat! It's me, Buddy, repurrting, but Gramma is finely reeding the blog (Hi Gramma!!) and she sed the orinch letters made her eyes hurty, so I'm not going to do that ennymor.

It took a cupple of days to get this post together 'cos we had problems getting the camra to lode the pix but I helpd mom and we finely got it rite, so heer we go!

Wen mom got home, we took the box owt to the sunroom (but it was dark so is it still a sun room?) and started bilding the surprize.

Efen befor it was all finishd, Grady and Gilmore were inspekting it to make sure there mom was bilding it rite.

Gilmore sed it was fine but he din't like the looks of it cos he sed it lookd like a PTU (Prizner Transport Unit) and he din't want to go to the vetty bean no way no how.

Grady was furry brave and curryus, so he sniffd it reel good and then climed in!

He din't think it was so bad, but then Ant Ree closed the top part and he was trapped!!

May 21, 2007

It's Heer! It's Heer!!!

The day started owt as ushool. I did my sun bathing meditashun in the garaj. Then I lookd for birdies wif Gilmore.

Ant Ree tolld us the pakij wood be coming soon. That's wen I started pacing bak and forf by the dore. I knew it was going to be somefing good.

Then! We herd a truk owtside and Ant Ree sed "The Yooopie man is heer!" And she tooked a piksher of him wif owr pakij in his hand...

He rang the bell and we all rushed owt to see wat it was!!

Grady sed it din't smell like catnippy or toys. So I went over to have a sniff...

It din't smell like catnippy or toys to me either...Ant Ree sez we haf to wate for my mom to get home befor we open it.

May 18, 2007

Somefing's Up

Ant Ree is furry eksited. She sez the man in the brown shorts will be bringing us a pakij today! But she won't tell us wat it is she sez we have to wate and see....

Wat do you fink it mite be?

May 12, 2007

The Random Meme strikes!

Munchkin tagged ME and Finny for this fun meme that is going arownd.

Here are the rules. Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!


1 - I have long droopy wiskers and some are blak and some are wite!

2 - I have a few black furs along my sides but you haf to get furry close to see them

3 - Sometimes I haf to hunt mom and attak her legs

4 - I haf a furry speshal toy from my firstest home but I nefur let anyone see me play wif it

5 - I haf blak freckles on my nose

6 - I haf to be mom's lifegard wen she goes in the waterfall plase or she will drown

7 - I miss Finny


1 - I miss you too, Buddy!

2 - All my paw pads are black

3 - Only mom can hold me on my bak like a baby

4 - Efen tho I let mom hold me like a baby and rub my tummy, I won't let her brush it wif the Zoom Groom or my brush

5 - I like to go owtside, but I member how terribul it was to live owt there and eet garbij, so I don't reely want to ekskape

6 - I loooove shrimps and one time I stole one rite off mom's plate wen she wasn't looking!

7 - I reely like it wen mom tells me my speshal dopshun story

That was fun! Who shood we tag now? We fink allmost all the cats in the bloggospheer haf been tagged, but we're gonna try to find some that haven't done it yet.





Rocky (Artsy-Catsy)



Whew! That was reeeely hard!! It sure is fun getting to kno efurrycat.

May 7, 2007

Mom's been 'sperimenting on us!

Just 'cos I sit by mom wen she is playing wif her beeds and strings, she thinks I want her to make me neklisses! I am a man cat, I don't need to ware neklisses. But akshully, these look pritty cool.

Mine is purple wif a star...
Grady's is green wif a star...
and Gilmore's is red wif a star.

If anycat wood like one to put on yore collar or a string by itself, let us know and we'll make you one for a little bit of moneys, like $5. Half of the moneys will go to Lilly Lu and TEacup's vet bills or anyone else you want.