June 29, 2006

Well, you were right

She brot another cat in owr howse. He is imprisoned in the guest room wif the nise beddy box and his own litter boks and the scratchy post and the green mousie. The lady bean who brot him heer was verry nice she sed over and over how handsome I (Finny) am and she scritched Buddy's cheeks the way he likes. But then mom took the carrier upstares and wen she brot it bak down it was empty and the nice lady took it and left.

And mom keeps going in there and closing the dore. And then we heer her saying "oh what a nice cat" or we heer him scratching on the scratchy post and she sez "good boy sully! good boy!"

So I guess it is a boy named Sully. We have only seen him in the carrier but mom sez maybe on the weekend she will interdoose him to us. I hope he has good manners and knows who is in charge. ME.

Oh, and she sez he is only visiting he is not staying furever. His beans wented to the hospital and won't be coming bak for him. The nice lady who brot him is going to find him a howse and mom bean of his own.


June 28, 2006

Fly free with your Angel Wings Miss Tiffy

This is Miss Tiffy. She was adopted to a bean family who did not understand little girl kitties need lots of time to learn about litter boxes and such things. The father bean of the family took her away and sent her to the Bridge. He didn't even give the good foster mom beans a chance to find her a new home or eksplane things so she could stay with the family. You can read about what happened to Miss Tiffy at their blog and please leave a message for Miss 5-Cat Style and her sister Miss Flyer. They feel verry bad about what happend even though they tryd furry hard to save little Miss Tiffy. And please say a purrayer for Mr Gucci, who lives with the same beans. He loved little Miss Tiffy and was a good brother to her. We hope that he is safe, but he might not be.

We are furry sorry and ashamed of ourselfs becos we said there is no room at our howse for another cat. There are lots of cats who don't live in safe plases or with nice beans like ours and all the cat bloggers we know. If mom is bringing another cat to our house we will try to be nice to him or her. We both were in bad plases before we came to our mom bean and we wouldn't have her if some good foster mom beans and dad beans hadn't rescued us.

Please give your good beans ekstra purrs and head butts tonite in honor of sweet little Miss Tiffy.

---Buddy & Finny

NO! No room for another cat!!!

Efurrycat who comments thinks we are getting another cat at our howse becos of what mom has been doing in the guest room.

Me and Finny say we got NO ROOM FOR ANY MORE CATS. Two cats is all you need at one time.

NO room for another cat in my snuggle sack....

NO room for another cat in Finny's beach chair...

NO room for another cat in the fenced yard...

NO room for another cat on the birdy-watchin' mat...
Do you understand, mom?

June 27, 2006

She's up to Somefing!

Mom is up to somefing. She did move a lot of boxes owt of the guest room that is sposed to be for wen Ant Ree bean or Gramma and Grampa come to visit. But then she putted a blanky in this box and said "What do you think, Buddy? Will that make a nice bed for a kittycat?"

Then she covered up the bed that is for guest beans wif this other blanky.

And then...she got this scratchy post that I never use and Finny only uses once in a while and she brot it to the guest room. Beans don't use scratchy posts! And looky at what is on top of the scratchy post - a MOUSE!!!!

What do you think she's up to?


June 24, 2006


Mom says she is tired tired tired and she is going to sleep as much as me and Finny this weekend. We'll see about that!!

June 21, 2006

Catnip Lessons

Mom tells us that our cousins Grady and Gilmore do not know how to play wif catnip toys. We think this is furry furry sad, so we are going to give them some lessons.

You got to bunny kick the toy a lot and sniff it and lick it. Sometimes you got to stop and lick your paws 'cos the nip tastes so gooooood. And sometimes there is wild swirly colors up in the ceiling so you look up at them.

After a while you stop feeling so good and crazy so you should find a good cozy spot and take a long nap.

June 16, 2006

Time for the Catolympics!!!

Me and Finny are packing up our stuff and getting reddy to teleport to the Catolympics in the Big Piney Woods in Idaho. Don't forget to come to the Catolympics blog to see the events and results and efurrything!


June 12, 2006

The coolest Orinch Cat EVER!!!!!

Jack is my hero. He din't want this stoopid bear (I heard they smell reeely stinky, worse than droolers!) in his yard, so he made him climb up a tree and stay there! Then the bear tryd to leave and Jack chased him up another tree. Way to go JACK!!!!

June 5, 2006

Sanjee & Boni are here!

Boni, Sanjee, Pepi and Gree got here on Sunday afternoon. Here's a fountain Gree found so they could have some water along the way.

Our cousins Grady and Gilmore put up this sign outside of Durham so they would remember...

Lots of animals had herd about the Catolympics Torch run - like these horses - they hurried over to the fense and cheered (well whinnied) for Sanjee, who was trotting along with the torch at the time.

Mom has a frend who is a Charlotte Police officer, so she arranged for a special police excort!

We were pretty eksited to see the girls come trotting into our neighborhood holding the torch up high. We putted it in a flower pot in the front garden for a little while so the Torch Bearers could take a rest. Buddy guarded the Torch so no one would touch it or blow it out or anyfing.

June 3, 2006

The Torch is coming! The Torch is coming!!

Me and Finny are waiting...waiting...checking out all our windows for Sanjee and Boni to get heer wif the Catolympics torch.

A snack to keep our strength up while we wait...

Our cousins Grady and Gilmore keeping watch out their windows in Durham, since the girls will pass through there on the way to Charlotte.

June 2, 2006


A couple of poodins wanted us to tell how mom maked the piggy stakes with peaches and barby Q soss, so heer goes.

Get a big pack of "pork cutlets" - enough for two for each poodin and one for each human bean. Mom likes the ones that are not reel thik, like 1/2 inch maybe. Get a bottle of barby Q soss, whatefur kind you like. Mom uses Kraft Barby Q wif Honey or Hickory Smoke wif Honey. Also get some peach presurves and a can of peaches in lite syrup or whatefur kind you like.

If you've got 6 cutlets, you prolly onlee need 1/2 the bottle of Barby Q soss, 3-4 big spoonfuls of peach presurves and the regular size can of peaches. Unless you reely like peaches like mom does, then use a big can. (Mom is not reel purrticular wif her ressapees!)

Mix them together, then put the piggy cutlets in a bole wif the mixed up soss and let them soke for a wile. Oh, we forgot, mom ushully sprinkkles some spices in there too - like cinnaming and ginger and nutmeg or whatefur flavers you like. Sometimes she puts some brown shoogar in too.

Cook the piggys on the grill or if it's raning or you don't have a gril, put them in a dish wif a cover and bake in the oven for like 30 mins. at 350. Don't forget to cook the leftover soss on the stove for a few minits so it doesn't make you sik if you use it on yore piggys after they is cookd.



pEE Ess - don't furget to wash up good after eeting piggys in barby Q soss!!!

June 1, 2006

Weird pikchers on mom's camera

Look at these strange pix we found on mom's camera. This is our cousins - Grady and Gilmore. But do you think they look funny? That's becos they is just FLAT! Mom maked them for Aunt Ree bean - she is their mom bean and she is sick in the bean vetty hospital. She misses Grady and Gilmore verry much so that's why mom maked these to keep her compny.

Then mom was driving home from visting Aunt Ree and she saw these "hosses" in a feeld so she tooked there pikcher. We think they look like furry strange droolers.

I maked mom brush me for a furry long time to get my extra winter furrs off. So wy did she take this pikcher and not a pikcher of me looking all slim and trim wifowt my winter coat on?

Mom cookd these peeses of piggy wif barby Q soss and peeches on the grill tonite. Do you see how menny peeses there are? Two for me, two for Buddy and two for mom, rite? Wrong! Mom sez they is only for her for supper and "lunch at work" and "cats don't eet lunch" AND "cats don't like barby Q soss" !!!! How does she kno we don't like it? I am a Norf Carolina native cat - of corse I like barby Q soss on piggys!!! Hrrrmphh.

In other impawtent news, the Catolympics Torch is making its way to Norf Carolina! Sanjee and Boni will be getting here on Sunday and then I will run it to Boo in Florida!