May 21, 2006

Mom is back!!!

But she catched a terrible cold and she doesn't feel good at all. So we are taking turns sitting on her and purring reel hard to help her feel better. Also making her brush us and get the winter coats off. We are sure this will help her get better quick.

--Finny & Buddy

May 18, 2006

Woooo hoooooooooo!!! Gigolo Kitty is Back!!

We are sooooo happy that the Gigolo Kitty is back!! We missed him verry much. Buddy missed him so much he even started to dress up like him one day, but I told him he wasn't hansome enuff!!

Verry funny, Finny! You know mom laid those beeds on my hed when I was supervising her making beedy things for Gramma and Ant Ree. I was just being nice to her by not shaking them off me.

Mom is going away agane and we are sad. We don't want her to go and she sez she doesn't want to leave us and go either but it is fambly stuff and she has to. Come back kwik, mom - we'll miss you!

Finny got in mom's sootcase but she just kept packing and packing...

May 12, 2006

In Conclusion

Our final argument is presented by the exhibits below. Each of these cats bears some resemblance to Victor Tabbycat. I would submit that Victor's bean mom, a human with appalling eyesight (like all humans) was mistaken when she identified Victor as the perpetrator of the heinous crime committed in her home. Please be assured that I am NOT accusing ANY of these fine felines of this crime.

In addition, Victor has admitted that it is possible that he may have accidentally brushed against the alleged victim while he was reaching for a similarly-colored toy that was nearby. Therefore, the defense is willing to discuss a plea-bargain. Victor will perform a negotiated amount of community service hours, as well as submitting to play therapy a minimum of three times per week. The defense rests and awaits an answer from the prosecution.

May 11, 2006

J is for James

To respond to various comments on my post "Finnegan J. Katz for the Defense".

Diva Kitty said...
Excellent argument - but I side with Bonnie. Intruder be gone!

Victor is no more an intruder than Bonnie. He was legally adopted by the mom bean.

Derby said...
Mr. Finnegan J. Katz. I find your arguements most compelling and per the law of reasonable doubt. I would find the defendant, "not guilty". Mr. Derby Cat

Thank you, Mr. Derby.

Petey said...
I believe this case should be dismissed.

Thank you, Petey.

Les Trois Chats said...
Finnegan,We would like to keep you on retainer - you know, just in case we ever need representation. You are one SMART kitty.signed, moose, turtle, and nala

Requests for my services can be addressed to me via email.

Lone Star Purrs said...
Nicely done! Case dismissed.

Thank you, Lone Star Purrs!

Patches & Mittens said...
Oh, we know for a fact Victor is innocent....see...after he was at Bombays, he made a stop here to check out how the olympic's are going. We took him on a tour of the inside and outside activities, then we had some stinky goodness. NOT GUILTY.....

Thank you furry much for coming forward with this information, Calico Girls.

Fat Eric said...
Good job, Finnegan (by the way, what does the J stand for?) This jury member is totally convinced - Victor is innocent!!

Thank you, Fat Eric, we agree! And the J stands for James.

Victor Tabbycat said...
Mr. Katz,Fank you fur your thorough research for my defense. I feel I must inform you that, in all honesty, I'm not really, entirely, innocent. However, it was an accident. I thought it was a green cat toy... a case of mistaken identity!Also, Bonnie is definitely innocent. Mom an I were alone in the bafroom when it happened.Will you still help me? I fink we can call a few character whitnesses.Fanks again,Victor Tabbycat

Victor, as your attorney, I strongly suggest that you immediately retract this statement and deny you ever made it. I still have a few witnesses to call regarding the "mistaken identity" and I feel sure that you will be totally vindicated of this crime.

Edsel/The Pooch said...
Finny, you look very much in command

Thank you, Edsel, but your comment merely proves my point regarding mistaken identity. The photo at the top of the post is not me!

Maggie said...
I went right over to Victory blog and told him next time to hide the evidence, I might be little but I already know you have to hide stuff!

Thank you, Miss Maggie. You are a brave, honest and smart little girl. You will go far in this world.

PrincessMia said...
We have to keep Victor free! I've started a petition on my blog.

Princess Mia, what can I say? Thank you ever so much for your undying support of Victor's cause. We will prevail!

Knightly, Lizzie, & Firenze said...
I think that Bonnie is doing a cover-up. Clearly she is trying to lay the blame elsewhere. The girls try to pin all kinds of stuff on me, too.Knightly

Knightly, thank you for your comment. I believe that someone other than Victor is guilty of this crime, but I am not at liberty to discuss my theories at this time.

Zeus said...
CASE DISMISSED! Bang, bang, bang!

Thank you, Zeus!!

The Meezers said...
Finny, we wants to know how much it would cost to keep you on retainer. things happen in our house that we have no control over, and we are blamed too. we needs a good lawyer on retainer. - Miles

Requests for my services can be addressed to me via email.

Bonnie Underfoot said...
Mr. Katz,I am writing to request that you stop this defamation of my character. If you continue with these unwarranted attacks, you will hear from my lawyer. Bonnie Underfoot

My dear Miss Underfoot: I have made no attack on your purrson and would never purrsume to do so. My only interest is in finding Victor innocent of the charges leveled against him. I hold you in the highest regard and always will. Your unflagging training of the Boy entrusted to your care, your volunteer service as Tub Hockey Coach, and your excellent training of the humans in your home, all combine to make you an Attack Tabby to be admired.

Mattingly said...
Finnigan, you are a very good friend to Victor and you have done a fabulous job of preparing your case. It's nice to see that Victor has a pure, honest heart as well. Such drama!

Thank you, Mattingly. May my assistant contact you to testify as a character witness for Victor?

brandi said...
A misdemeanor accident??!!Free Victor!ex-sponge his record!not guilty by reason of accident???Bar Bonnie from trying to get him out of the house. It was a setup!!

Miss Brandi, we deeply admire your enthusiasm for Victor's defense. Thank you furry much!

The Crew: George, Tipper, Max said...
Finney It looks like you have a great law career in your future. Good work!! With all us blogging cats, you'd sure keep busy.

Thank you, my furriends, I do hope to have a long and prospurrous career, with of course, plenty of time for naps, nip and other impawtent cat duties.

Kukka-Maria said...
I wish I had your book-smarts, Finnegan! I guess all I can do is continue picketing in our livingroom.

Empress Kukka-Maria, thank you furry much for taking the time from your extremely busy schedule of rehearsals, naps, bean training and social engagements to join the "Victor Defense Team". We appreciate your enthusiasm!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

May 6, 2006

Finnegan J. Katz for the Defense

Our friend Victor Tabbycat has been unjustly accused of a heinous crime. For details, I refer you to Victor's blog, shared by his "sister" Bonnie Underfoot.

Now, I will purrsent the facts to show that Victor is being falsely accused of having committed this crime.

1) Bombay has stated that Victor was with him during the time period in question. As we all know, Bombay resides in Singapurr, a fair distance from Whiskonsin.

2) The report on Victor's blog (signed by "lambj") indicates that Victor has a history of attacking defenseless plants. However, Victor was never found guilty and in fact, the charges were dropped. This means that the prior episode has no bearing on the current unjust accusation.

3) With the following exhibits, I shall demonstrate that Victor does not have a propensity for "nibbling greens" as the report by lambj states.

Exhibit A - Victor likes chicken

Exhibit B - Victor likes bags

Exhibit C - Victor likes (and has plenty of) toys

Exhibit D - Victor Tasted - but didn't like! - the Christmas Tree

Exhibit D-1: Quoted from Victor's blog entry of Friday, Dec. 23, 2005.

"This branch was nice and low for me to grab, so I bited it, but it doesn't taste very good. Kind of prickly-sticky. Bonnie just sat on the couch laughing at me."

The defense requests a recess at this time as mom bean is preparing our suppers.

When we return, we will addres the issue of Miss Underfoot's prolonged and consistent attacks on Victor, as well as her pleas to the beans to "get rid of him".

May 2, 2006

Our Grandma is verry Talentid!!

Grandma maked this beyootiful quilt for our mom bean. They worked on it together, mom pickt all the colors and look in the corners! On the left corner is Daisy and Jasper, they are waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge. On the other corner is...guess who? Me - Finny! It has a picket fence 'cos mom likes the way they look and she says the colored parts look like daisies, which are her favrit flowers. So the quilt is called "Nora's Dresden Garden". Dresden plate is the name of this quilt pattern. I learned a lot about the quilt stuff cos sometimes Granma would bring the skwares here and put them on the floor and her and mom would play with them and move them all around.
Oh, Victor asked where Buddy is. We din't adopt Buddy until after the quilt was almost finished. Granma is going to make a pillow wif the same fabrics wif Buddy on it. Then mom will keep it right by the quilt.

May 1, 2006

They Came Back!!!!

Wooooohoooooooooo!!!! We are so happy - Bernard and Mrs. Bernard came back this morning!! Mrs. Bernard didn't tell us what her name is, and since we are polite southern gentlemen, we will continue calling her Mrs. Bernard until she tells us otherwise. Bernard is further away in the pix, he is a bit darker than Mrs. Bernard.

Me and Finny just kept watching and watching them eat grass while mom took pikchers.

Mrs. Bernard stared at us for long times in between nibbling the yummy bird seed grass. We couldn't tell if the baby carrots were still there or if they ate them alreddy. We'll make mom put some more owt tonite.
Then Bernard would watch us for a while so Mrs. Bernard could eat, but you can see they weren't worryd about coming too close! Mom kept saying "Don't you worry Bernard, Buddy isn't coming owt there ever agane to chase you," but my eyes were telling him diffrunt.

Even though I can't go owt and play wif Bernard and Mrs. Bernard, I am verry happy they have come bak to eet the yummy grasses and visit us.