July 18, 2008

Mom Robyn & the Irish Batchelers

You may have herd that Mom Robyn of the House Of The Mostly Black Cats came to visit us and go to a consert by the Irish Batchelers wif Mom and Ant Ree bean.

Miss Sanjee has posted abowt the pikshers she fownd on Mom Robyn's cell phone and how all the Hotties sniffed all there mom's bags and fings so they cood smell me and Buddy and Jasmine.
So heer's some pikshers we fownd on owr Mom's camra after she left for work yessterday. See what you can make of them - we are furry confused abowt some of them.

Wen Buddy lived at Ant Ree's howse, he herd her call these things her "Wellies".

Not sure what the Batchelers are doing heer.....but it looks LOWD and I don't think Jasmine would have liked it at all.

Miss Sanjee sed that her mom drools wen she sees this Batcheler but they don't kno wy. He is furry stranj-looking! I fink I've herd that fing that he's skweezing - it sownds like 100 pore cats having there tales pulled! Wy wood owr moms like that???
Anyway, mom and Miss Robyn came home furry furry late and we let Miss Robyn skritch us wile mom made owr suppers. Then we let her give us some more skritches wile we sniffed all her bags and fings she brot in. We smelled Sanjee and Boni and Mini and Pepi and Gree! Of corse, we din't want the moms to kno that we alreddy knew each other (from partees and fings) so we akted like we nefer smelled them befor.
Jasmine wented to bed erly on the bed for Miss Robyn but she din't stay there. We all chekked on her diffrunt times in the nite and she petted us some. Corse, she mite not memember that, cos she was sleeping reely good!
Then in the morning the moms got up and Miss Robyn tooked some pikshers of us! Buddy was naughty and tryd to bite her but Miss Robyn din't get mad. We liked her a lot and deesided she can come back and visit ennytime. But we fink she shood bring alla the Hotties wif her so we can have a party of owr own wile the beans go do bean fings!!
Oh, and they din't bring any of the Batchelers home wif them. Of corse, we din't see Ant Ree, maybe she took them to her howse....

July 16, 2008

Doodle Garden

I made this Doodle Garden wif grate big flowers 'cos I like flowers and so does Mama.

That's me sitting under the flowers.
Love Jasmine

July 14, 2008

It's Doodle Week!!

Mom sez the only good bug is a ded bug, so we made this doodle for her!

July 7, 2008

Cuzzin Katelyn is Sick!!

Member owr bean Cuzzin Katelyn and her furry frend, Buster? Well yesterday she got a terribul hurty belly ake and they tooked her to the bean v.e.t. hosspital!!!

They poked little holes in her belly and look arownd and tooked stuff owt!!!!!

Please join us in sending lots of purrs and head bumpies to her so she gets better reely fast.

Purrs & hugs & nose bumpies from




July 3, 2008

The Carolina Cats Family!

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy
Create your own family sticker graphic at pYzam.com

Lookit this fun thing that Jasper McKitten Cat has on his blog! We thot theres was reely cool so we went to make one. You should make one too!