March 31, 2008

Mancat Monday - Cousin Grady the Monorail Cat!

Ever sinse he was furry little and Gramma and Grampa reskewed him from the woods and Ant Ree dopted him, Grady has liked to do Monorail Cat on efurryfing. He's not so little ennymore but he still does Monorail Cat!

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March 27, 2008

What is it??

Hi efurrycat, it's me, Princess Jasmine! Miss Bonnie Underfoot and some of the other ladycats said that I, like all girlycats, am a princess, so that's my name now. My new mama almost named me Princess, so I know it's troo!!

The other nite, mama came home from day hunting and she founded this box owtside owr dore and it was for me and Finny and Buddy. It was the prize we won from Yuki and Kimiko and Kintaro!!

I tore the papers off and aksed mama if she wood bild it for me, but Finny sed he wood do it after he washed up from suppers. Wile he did that, I pulled all the diffrunt peeses owt for him.

Wen Finny was all clean, he sorted owt the peeses and chekked to make sure they were all there.

I coodn't take pikchers wile he was bilding it 'cos I got to be the sistant and hand him peeses wen he needed them. This is a furry pawtant job and he sed I did it good.

Wen Finny was done bilding the playhowse, he had to spekt it to make sure it was safe and strong. Then I finely got to look and sniff all arownd it too!

And then Buddy came and spekted it too and he efen tryd owt the top hammick! He's brave sometimes. Sometimes he's not brave...

Thank you, Yuki, Kimiko and Kintaro! I love my new playhowse!!!!

-- Yore frend Princess Jasmine Blossom

March 17, 2008

Partttttyyyyyyyyyyy Tiiiiime!!!!

Hey efurrycat, it's time for my 3rd Annyool St. Patty's/Gotcha Day Bash!!!

We had lots of fun last year and the yeer befor, too, so come on ofur and let's party on!

It's grate to see so menny parties going on this yeer - there's Captain Jack's Cruise, the party at the Black Cat Pub, and Tybalt's St. Patrick's Day/Birthday Party at the M-Cats Club!

Come on, Jasmine, help me put up these dekrashuns!

Of corse, efurryone is welcome! Just make sure yo're wearing somefing GREEN!! If any of the lady-cats furrgot, we've got some ekstra fings you can ware.

Heer's owr bartender - he's got plenty more beers, so let's keep him bizzzy! Hopefully Miss Boni will bring her famous Russianless White Russians agane - they are the yummiest.

March 7, 2008

What's been going on wif us

So much stuff has been happning wif us lately and we're sorry we hafn't posted but it's allmost all mom's fault.

- she has not brotted owr pooter heer from Grampa's garaj and set it up at owr new howse yet. This is cos she needs to figger owt wat serviss she can use and how much it willl cost and stuff like that.

- Member wen she had the bad aksident in Grampa's truk 2 yeers ago and this happend? It was a stoopid bean boy who slammed his car into the bak of Grampa's byootiful truk and herted mom and Furginya who used to live neer us and feed us sometimes.

Anyway, wen this happend, mom got tossed arownd a little and efen tho it din't hert then, her sholder started hurting last yeer. All yeer she went to the evil v.e.t. who tryd to fiks it and sometimes made it hert more! Then finely they sed they coodn't fiks it and she needed a diffrunt v.e.t. to fiks it. So on Janyooerry 30, the v.e.t. putted her to sleep and poked holes in her sholder and fiksed the messed up stuff. Mom sez it's calld the potato cuff or somefing.
- Wile she was getting better from the fiksing, she stayd at Gramma and Grampa's howse and she coodn't tipe or eet rite or do anyfing! Grampa and Ant Ree camed to feed us and a cupple of times mom came to visit but she woodn't stay. We din't like that at all.

- Jasmine started being nise and we are allmost frends. But in the last few days she is being mean to Buddy agane. Pore Buddy gets furry upset and so does mom. And Jasmine gets skwirted wif the bloo skwert bottle.

Soon fings will be bak to normal!! Nekst nekst Monday is St. Patty's day and praktikly my birfday (March 18) so we will haf owr annyool party! THis is allways lots of fun.

OK gotta go - we'll see efurrycat reel soon!!

Pee Ess - we owe some baby Squllions to some cats who won them in the raffle that Opus & Roscoe had and we will make mom get them owt to you nekst week.
Pee Ess 2 - Do you know who is the Tuxie in the lampshade? First cat to comment and say correctly who it is gets a baby Tuxie Squillion and so does the cat in the pikcher!!

March 3, 2008

Get well, Lilly Lu!!

Owr deer frend, Lilly Lu, is furry sik wif kidnee stones, so we is making a speshul post in pink to let her know how much we loves her and needs her to get all better reely kwik.