October 27, 2008

Happy Tocktober, Derby!!

Our good furend Derby celebrated his purrthday on October 20 and his speshul NOMSS furends Fiona & Orlando named it Tocktober in his honor! So heer's our 'Tocks picksher, we're sorry it's late.

Jazzy didn't think it was ladylike to post a 'Tocks pik, so she sent this speshul piksher for Derby!

We hope you had the bestest purrfday efur, Derby!!!!

October 20, 2008

Mom's in Arfansaw

Mom lefted us last week and went to visit her niece Nikki bean and her hubby Larry and their little blurpy named Keller Dan the Cowboy Man. She emaled us these pikshers and sed she's bringing us home somefing reely cool. What do you think it is?

Ummmm...I hope not!

A two-headed fluffy thing?

Horses in stripy pajamas?

Somebody needs a brushing!

A meezer bun??



October 9, 2008

Buddy's in a Photo Contest!!

It's a special contest to raise green papers for IMOM, a furry wonderful groop of volunteer beans who help pay V.E.T. bills wen yore human bean doesn't have enuff green papers.

And, the contest will also give some moneys to another reskew groop that each entry chooses. Sints we can't give the money bak to the IMOM beans, we desided to give it to a reely good shelter in Souf Carolina called Our Lady of Mercy's Catnip Cottage! It's a byootiful home where they take reely good care of kitties until they find a furever home. Lots of the kitties have diabetes, like owr big brofur Jasper, who came before.

It only takes 5 green papers for one vote! You can look at all the other cats and woofies too and efen vote for them if you wants. But pleese vote for somecat or somedog so they get lots of moneys.