December 20, 2007

We're Back!!!

Holy shamolies! I can't beleef it's been a hole monf sinse we posted!! But so much has been going on, you just won't beleef it.

First, mom started packing up all her stuffs from Ant Ree's howse and took them to owr new howse. But she coodn't take us there cos it was furry cold and the beans to make it warm woodn't come for a long time. Finely, they came and made it warm and cozy and me and Finny got in owr PTUs and went to the new howse. (We'll haf some pikchers later)

We eksplored efurryware. The new kitchen, the new sleepy room for mom, the lifing room wif a fireplase, lots and lots of big windows to look owt of, the bafroom, a speshul room for owr litter bokses and efen a basemint!!! The basemint has lots of owr stuffs from owr old howse and there was a funny smell too, like maybee a cat used to lif there.

There was one room that we coodn't eksplore in, but we din't reely notiss at ferst cos we had so menny ofur plases to eksplore. But after a few days, we bofe thot it was odd that this one room's dore was closed and we coodn't go in there. And there was that funny smell agane....

Efurry onse in a wile mom wood go in there. Sometimes she had foods! Sometimes she came owt wif a bag that smelld funny. We were starting to fink there mite be somefing funny going on, becos she woodn't let us go in that room at all!

Wat do you fink was in there??