October 31, 2006


October 28, 2006

The rain is Gone!

Mom lissened to me and terned the rain off! AND she even opend up some windows but she sez she will haf to close them soon 'cos it's cooling off fast. But we are enjoying them for now. There is lots of colored leaves falling and flying arownd, I tryd to go owtside and chase them but I got cawt. Sully's beans came to visit us and I ran owt but his mom bean pickd me up reely fast. Oh well, at least the windows are open.

Mom saw me licking Grady's hed this afternoon and we have been sitting rite nekst to each other looking owt the windows and smelling the nise fresh air. Maybe we'll be frends.

Grrr, Midnight & Cocoa aksed for some more pix of Gilmore the Fluffy one for there mom bean, so here you go!

October 27, 2006

Rain Rain go Away!

It is furry rainy and yucky owtside and all the windows are closed and we can't get enny fresh air. I kind of miss Finny, efen tho mom sez he is having a nise visit wif Granma and Grampa and Iz and Lili. Sometimes I will play a little bit wif Cuzzin Grady, he's not an orinch punk like Sully was. Oh! Guess wat? Mom wented to visit Sully one nite! His new fambly is rite down the street from ware Ant Ree lives and his fambly went away so mom and Ant Ree went to feed him. Mom sez he is furry happy there and he has two little girl beans to play wif and lots of toys and things.

Mom sez owr howse in Charlotte is all cleaned up and no cat furrs ennyware so hopefully somebeans will come and like it and buy it. Then mom can loook for a new partment or a little howse heer in Dur'um and me and her and Finny will all be together agane. I like staying at Ant Ree's howse, she's furry nise and Grady and Gilmore are mostly ok most of the time. But Gilmore is allways wanting to fite me or chase me! I don't want to fite him 'cos mom sez I shood be a gentlecat and not do ennyfing to get us kickd owt of Ant Ree's howse. So I hiss at him and run upstares but he runns too and I haf to hiss and growl at him, don't I? I am not a scaredy-cat but I'm trying furry hard to behave to make mom prowd of me.

Grady likes my bizzy box and my toys and I let him play wif them.

Grady and Gilmore sitting owtside mom's room keeping me prizner so I can't leave!

October 20, 2006

Beware fellow Poodins! It's a Nepidemik!!

Just a few days ago, owr good frend Timothy Dickens(shown heer having a grate time at the St. Patty's/Finny's Birfday Party), got TRAPPED in his own loo! He was in ther for a furry furry long time and he allmost starved to def and was thirsty but he was brave and maded lots of noise and finely his mom bean resskewed him after a wile.

Well praktikly the same fing happend to me yesterday only it wasn't the loo. Some days Ant Ree bean goes to werk reeely erly and mom goes later and some days Mom goes erly and Ant Ree goes late. So mom fed me and cousins Grady and Gilmore owr brekkies and then she wented to werk.

BUT...wen Ant Ree got up and got wet and then putted on her clean clothes, I went to look in her closit and I fownd some nise soft fings to take a nap on. So I took a nise long nap and I kinda herd Ant Ree aksing ware I was, but I knew ware I was so I din't tell her.

But wen I waked up and I felt like having a nibble of some crunchy foods I was TRAPPED! Just like Timmy was!! So I did wat he did and I pownded and pownded wif my big paws but it din't do enny good. Mom din't come to save me or Ant Ree either. Cousin Grady came to the dore and sed "wat's rong Cuzzin Buddy? Don't you wanna come owt of there and play?" and I sed "Yes I do open this dore rite now!!" But he din't kno how to open it neether.

After a wile my paws got tired of pownding and my voice got tired of yelling "let me owwww owwwwwt" so I sleeped some more. So I did that all day long - slept and pownded and yelled and slept and powndded and yelled. And then I slept some more and pownded and yelled some more but still no one came to resskew me.

Finely, it was furry late and I herd Grady and Gilmore go running downstares saying "Ant Nora's home! Ant Nora's home - that means supper time, yay for stinky goodness!!" and I knew my own mom wood come and let me owt soon.

I herd mom saying "ware's Buddy?" over and over and I kept saying I was in Ant Ree's closit but I guess my voice was so week from starving all day that she coodn't heer me! She even wented owtside becos she thot maybe I skaped wen Ant Ree went to werk. Finely at last she came upstares and Grady ran over by the closit dore and sed "Buddy's in there!!" and even tho she din't unnerstand him, she opend the dore and I was so glad!! I ran owt of there and ran downstares to get some foods.

Wen Ant Ree came home she was furry sorry that she lokked me in the closit and gave me treets and petted me so I furgave her. Cos reely she's furry nise to me.

But, all poodins beware of closit dores and loo dores and don't get trappd in them. You prolly shood put some of yore toys by all the dores in yore howse so they won't close and trap innosint cats in little tiny rooms wifowt food or waters.

Grrrrr...how come stoopid blogger sez the pix are uploded but there not reely? I had pix of me and of Cuzzin Grady too.

October 11, 2006

Buddy is the Cat of the Day!

How cool is this? Emma's mom bean who does the Cat of the Day site emailed us and aksed us to send pix for the Cat of the Day a few weeks ago and now Buddy is the Cat of the Day!! Woooooo hoooooooooooooo all riiiiiight Buddy!

Kno wat? You can be the cat of the day some day too! Wen you go to the site, you'll see a plase abowt emailing yore pix and yore story to Emma's bean and she will make you the cat of the day one day.

Congratulashuns Buddy!!

October 10, 2006

Tummy Tuesday & Tuxie Tuesday

We will post a big update soon, but we are wif mom now! Well, Buddy is wif her at Ant Ree bean's howse along wif owr cousins Grady and Gilmore. I am at Granma and Grampa's howse wif my ant and unkle cats Iz and Lili. We are doing mostly ok and are happy to be neer mom and wif peoples all the time, instedd of just short visits.

Anyway...somecats are calling it Tuxie Toosday and posting pix of their Tuxie selves, but me and Buddy aren't Tuxies! But we lookd on the pooter and fownd that we have an anty cat from long ago who was a Tuxie so we are posting her pikcher. Her name was Sox and she was bestest furrends wif a drooler! Pax was the only drooler mom's fambly efur had and they say she was a reely nise drooler.

And it's also Tummy Toosday!! Of corse me and Buddy have tummies!!!!

And....the double whammy - a Tuxie Tummy!! This is our frend Doodlebug from Aridzona.