May 7, 2013

Jackie the Horsey Girl - Great news update!

Hey do you guys amember when our Jackie Bean the Horsey Girl got kicked in her hed by Chip the horse?

She went to sleep for 8 hole days and was furry furry sick. That was in the Summer of 2009. In January 2010, Jackie went off to collije and this week she is gradjooating!!! She studied furry hard efurry nite and day and weekend and she gotted reely good grades. We don't kno wat it means, but mombean sez it's reely reely good - 4.0!

So fank you all for yore purrs and woofs and purrayers bak then. We know they helped her get all better!

We're so proud of you, Jackie Bean!!!!

Lots of love,

Finny, Buddy, Princess Jazzy, Cavalli, Callie-woofie, Max the horse, Norman the horse, Zeta the pony and Ruffian the Barn Kitty