September 25, 2006

We had a GRATE weekend!!

Mom came home Fryday nite!! We gave her hugs and purrs rite away, even Buddy! Mom scoopd us up and hugged and hugged us bofe together, she was so happy to see us and we were so happy to see her. Miss Lisa is nise and all, but she's not owr furry own mom.

We had lots of snuggles after supper and then wen we wented to sleep, I (Finny) curled up wif her on the bed rite away, but Buddy waited until 3 a.m. to come and snuggle. He was head-butting mom and she woked up and he was purrrring rite in her fase. She was all happy and she petted and snuggled him a hole lot.

Mom forgot to bring the camra home wif her so we din't get enny pikchers, but we sat on her lap efurry time she sat still, or we rubbed aganst her legs wen she walked arownd. She did brush us a hole lot and kept giving us hugs and telling us she missed us and she loves us.

But yesterday she put her things back in the red duffle bag and washd all her clothes and put lots of bokses in the car and kissed us and sed be good boys, take care of each other, no wild parties, be good for Miss Lisa and Miss Soo Bean and I'll see you in a few days.

Now we're sad agane, but we kno mom will nefur desert us and she will allways come home to us and she wood nefur efur leave us behind or move to a plase that woodn't allow poodins.

Miss Luna has come home!! Wooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
We are soooooo happy that little miss Luna, the Spanish "gatita", has been found and is home now with her mama. Luna had some fleezers and an owie on her nose, but mostly she is ok. We hope she will never get losted again.

September 22, 2006

Mom will be home sooooon!!!!!

Thanks efurrycat, for all the treets and visits. Wen Miss Lisa came to feed us and pet us last nite she sed she tokked to mom on the fone thingy and mom sed she'll be home to give us owr suppers TONITE!! Yay!!!!

In the meantime, we're gonna go to Opus & Roscoe's birfday party in Italy. Owr mom is 1/2 Italian, so we lookd in the cookbook and we're making some nise soop that she makes it's called pasta fazoool! It has sossijes and ham chunks and some veggies and some little macaronis too. We think efurrycat will like it.

See you there!!

Finny & Buddy

September 20, 2006

Mom? Mmmmmmmoooommmmm?

Mom? We haven't had enny treets sints you left. Please come home and give us some.

Mom? I know the mail is piling up in the mailboks owtside. You shood prolly come home and carry me owt there for some fresh air and get the mail.

Mo-o-o-o-m? It's furry nise and breezy looking owtside. Please come home and open the windows so we can get some nise fresh air.

Mooooooommmeeeeeeeeeee! I need hugs!!! I got nobean to hug and I am lonly.

We miss you mom. Please come home.

September 17, 2006

Interesting Week

Hi efurrycat! Wif the speshul triboots on lots of blogs, it's been kind of kwyet, hasn't it? But I kno lots of stuff has been going on and owr howse has been bizzy too.

Last weekend, mom wented away to ride her bike a lot wif Ant Ree, Unkle Mike from Arfansaw and Grampa and about a squillion other beans too! So they rided there bikes a loooong time and they were furry happy that they cood do it. But the most impawtent thing was they raised lots and lots of money to fight a furry bad disease called multiple sclerosis.

Then on Toosday wen mom got bak to werk, she had an email that said she got the reel transfer to werk in the Raleigh warehowse so now we can moove to Durhm!!! Yay! See the other transfer din't werk becos the big bosses deesided to move the jobs (but not the beans) to Serrycuse. The only bad fing abowt this is that mom starts werking there tomorro but me and Buddy can't go wif her rite now. We has to stay and guard the howse during the week and mom will come bak on the weekend. Mom's frend Miss Lisa and owr good Soo Bean will come and visit us and feed us and brush us. Mom keeps hugging us and petting us and saying she will miss us furry much. We'll miss you too, mom.

Yesterday was Miss Ramona's Walk for the Animals! Keep an eye on her blog for a full report and pikchers.
Our speshul thanks to our sponsers who made a donation to the Conway Area Humane Society to help out the kitties (and even droolers) who need medical help befor they can go home to their furever famlies.

Our sponsers - The Meezers, Sanjee, Karen Jo and Robyn (Sanjee/Boni/Mini/Pepi/Gree's mom) who makes byooooootiful joolries for beans. Owr mom is trying to make stuff like that but she's not furry good yet.

Thank you!!

This little blurpy thing came to visit us yesterday! He only went "blurp" one time and mom and Miss Lisa went Yayyyy! We don't kno wy. He was kind of nise and mom sed he smelld reely good. He tryd to wiggle up to me to grab my tale but he coodn't kwite get there.

Bye for now!

--Finny & Buddy

September 11, 2006

The 2,996 - John Paolillo

The 2,996 project is all about honoring and celebrating the lives of those innocent people who were murdered on Sept. 11, 2001.

John Paolillo was a Battalion Chief with the NY Fire Dept. - killed in the collapse of the North Tower. But more importantly, John was a loving father, brother, son, uncle and a friend to all.

John lived next door to my sister Marjie in Glen Head, NY. I met John once or twice "over the fence" - saying hi, borrowing sugar, neighborhood get-togethers, that kind of thing. The main thing I remember about him is that he would always be out playing in the yard with his kids Jake and Ella anytime I visited. John was very devoted to his kids, his wife, his mom Elizabeth, brother Joe, sister Sheila and their families.

John was a great athlete who loved to run, bicycle and swim - he competed in triathlons on a regular basis and enjoyed sharing his training philosophy with others. He helped Marjie with her cycling when she was getting ready for the MS 150 Bike Tour and an amateur team triathlon that she took part in. Marjie said John didn't understand the kind of mental blocks that held her back from getting up a hill - he just charged on up, knowing he could do it! The first time Marjie went riding after John's death, she took on the toughest hill in town - and made it up for the first time ever -- because she knew that John was there with her, helping her up the hill with a strong hand on her back.

A few months after John's death, his brother Joe, Joe's wife Josephine, friends Gina and Bob, as well as Marjie and her husband Chip, came together with the idea to hold an event that would not only raise money for a scholarship fund at the local high school, but more importantly, honor John's love of life and athleticism.

The Fifth Annual John Paolillo Scholarship Fund Memorial 5K race/fundraiser will be held this Saturday, Sept. 9 at the Glenwood Landing Fire Station. Hundreds of local friends and families, as well as firefighters from John's old stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, will run or walk the route that includes one tough hill, some beautiful scenery, the high school cheerleaders and athletic teams, water stops, and lots of fun.

The commemorative T-shirt from the event demands to know "Did you give it your all?", a question that echoes with John's friends and family. When I attended the 5K in 2003, Joe told the story of going running with John one time and feeling that he could have done better. "Did you give it your all? Did you try so hard you threw up after?" asked John. "Well, yeah," answered Joe. "That's all you can ask of yourself," said John.

More than anything, the Run for Heroes is a celebration that brings together a community and helps to remember a wonderful man who was always ready to help others before himself. John Paolillo was an honorable man who will never be forgotten, nor should the rest of the victims of that terrible day.

Call your family, your friends - all the people that you hold dear - and tell them you love them, spend some time with them and whatever you do, remember to always "Give it your all!"

This quilt honoring John was made by our mom, Joan Peluso. It is displayed at the Run for Heroes every year.

This quilt square is part of the "United in Memory" quilt project and was created by Janet Tetkoskie.

September 7, 2006

Impawtent News

Impawtent News! Tomorrow, we will be giving the blog to mom to use for something verry impawtent - a tribute to Battalion Chief John Paolillo of Glen Head, NY who was killed on Sept. 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York.

Our tribute is part of the 2,996 project and there will be bloggers from efurryware doing tributes.

We will be posting ours tomorrow and our blog will not be updated until after the 11th, becos mom will be out of town for the MS 150 Bike Tour.

Car Show?

Wow! So menny cats liked the idea of the cat cars and sed they're going to get there beans to make them one! Maybe we shood have a car show after the cars are all made! Efurrycat cood post them on there own blogs, but we cood also post them all on one site to see them all together. Tell us what you think.

September 5, 2006

Cat Cars!!!

Now don't think we're crazy - these are not like the bean's car that takes you to the evil vetty bean. These cars are made from those grate boxes that mom brings home from werk and thinks she's going to use for storing her junk. Heer's some pikchers and the direcshuns are on this cool site. BlueBirdy Gardens, which is a good plase to look for birdies and all kinds of good stuff. There are lots of pretty quilts too, if yore bean likes to look at those.

Buddy sez this is the bestest thing to do wif a box! Get yore bean to make you a bizzy box. This one is made from two box lids put together but you can make one from any box. Just cut lots of holes that are big enuff to put a paw into but not quite big enuff to pull toys out of. Then put some toys in there and try to get them out. It's lots of fun!

September 1, 2006

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Buddy and I have desided that the first day of efurry month is going to be a "Do Good Things" post. Last month, we tolld you about Cats with No Names.

This month we are going to talk abowt
Miss Ramona's Big Dream and the Walk for the Animals in New Hampsher.

Miss Ramona of
Caturday (isn't she byootiful?) has a furry big heart and a real wish to give back to the community. Because she was rescued by some nise beans and taken furry good care of at a shelter, she wants to help the cats (and even droolers) at the Conway Area Humane Society shelter where her beans volunteer.

Finny was reskewed by some good beans and was in a shelter called SAFE Haven for Cats in Raleigh, Norf Carolina and that's where mom met him and they dopted each other. I am furry lucky that I never lived in a shelter - mom adopted me from my bean before they could send me to a shelter.

So, in honor of Miss Ramona and espeshly our little sisfur Daisy, Finny and I sed we would help Miss Ramona! Daisy came from a shelter ware they didn't take the bestest care of the animals and they din't realize she was sick. So she came to live wif mom and Finny and not long after that, she became furry sick and had to go to the Rainbow Bridge. You can go to mine and Finny's page to make a donation that will help the animals at the Conway Humane Society.

We hope that all of you other poodins and buns and woofies will start telling about the good beans and groups that are helping animals in yore communities too. That way, we can all help wenever we can, either with money or messages or by spreding the word and befor you know it, all animals will have good homes and be healthy and live long lives!

Thank you Sammy, Miles & Meezer Family for sponsoring us already!

Thank you!!!

--Finny & Buddy