October 21, 2009

Finnegan J. Katz, Esq. is on the Case

As many of you know, our furend Katie has been unjustly accused of a heinous crime by the sensationalist publication The Kitty City Gazette.

Rest assured, Furends of Katie, we will purrvail and Miss Katie will be vindicated!

Attorney Finn examines a package containing multiple pieces of evidence purrtaining to the alleged events of last July.

Since learning of the incident, I have been put on retainer by Miss Katie. I vow to do efurrything in my power to purrove that my client is innocent. In addition, I will see that the publishers of this appalling lie will print just as large a story extolling Miss Katie's innocence.

An unidentified Orange DSH visits Finnegan's office to provide character
refurences for Miss Katie.

If you have any infurmation regarding the events of that night in July, were a guest at the party, or wish to stand as a character witness for Miss Katie, please leave your contact infurmation in the comments section of this post.

October 15, 2009

Our GRATE New Cat Bed!!!

Of corse, efurry cat knos that lying in the sun feels grate....

...or snuggling on mom's blankies....

...and of corse, I love my snuggle sak....

But, last Satterday, when mom went wif Gramma and Grampa wile they did somefing they call yard saling, she brot us bak this byootiful new bed!!!
Me and Finny knew it was a cat bed rite away, so we jumped up and got comfy efen befor mom finished putting it togevver.

Later, she moved it into the sleepy room, rite neer her big bed so we cood all sleep neer each ofur.

Last nite, me and Jazzy efen shared it! You can see that anofur cat cood efen fit, but Finny purrfurred to share mom's peeple bed.

Efurry cat shood haf a byootiful bed like this! So tell yore beans to go to the Yard Sale and get one. It only cost 10 green papers!