January 28, 2007

Finny's Adventure with Grampa

Yayyyy! It's Sunday, and mom came to see me! Well, she came to see Gramma and Grampa too, but I know she reely came to see me. After Grampa cookd her some eggs wif cheese and ham (!), we showd her how I have been going and helping Grampa in his werkshop ware he makes stuff owt of wood.I let Grampa pik me up and do hugs just like wif mom, then we went owtside!

Ferst, we chekked for vishus deers - nope, there's none. I think it's safe to go to the werkshop.

Sometimes Gramma is in the window up there, but I din't see her this time.

Heer we are after owr long walk to the werkshop. Grampa has all kinds of cool stuff in there.

I fownd some peeses of wood to werk wif and tolld Grampa wat we shood do wif them.
Then I gotted bak up on his sholders to make sure he did the werk reel careful and good, but my claws were herting his bak a little bit, so he fownd me these werk gloves.

I can't show you wat we're making yet, it's a surprise!!! We'll keep you posted!

January 25, 2007

Missing Finny

Efen tho I haf been doing a good job cuddling mom at nite, watching owt for her wen she goes in the waterfall plase and playing wif her to keep her from getting bord, she sez she misses Finny too. So I thot I wood post lots of pikchers of him to cheer her up.

In case you din't kno, Finny is staying at Gramma and Grampa's howse wile me and mom stay at Ant Ree's howse wile we werk on selling owr howse in Charlotte. Soon somebean will want it all for there own and then we can get a new plase heer in Durhum and all be togevver agane.


January 23, 2007

Me and Finny

Mom took this cool pikcher of me and Finny a couple of yeers ago. Finny was standing in the window and I was laying in the sun on the flore.

January 16, 2007

The Gravity-Free Zone

Buddy heer to talk abowt the mystery of the Gravity-Free Zone. We all know that efurry howse has at leest one GFZ. I have made it my life's work to find as many GFZs as I can. However, the only time I appear to get close, I am thwarted by mom bean!

Just the other nite, I wated 'til she was sleeping so that I cood continyoo my reserch. I went up on the dresser, witch was a pretty high jump. If seven cats stood on top of each other's baks, that's abowt how high it was. [Miss Millie has come up with a unit of mezure called a Gizzy, but I don't kno how that werks for hight. Maybe she will come by and tell us.]

Anyways...there I was...perched on top of the dresser...testing to see if the Gravity-Free Zone in Ant Ree's howse is in my mom's sleepy room. I carefully placed my paw aganst several objects and pooshed them to see if they wood fall down to the flore or if they wood float, therefor identifying the GFZ.

Pink hairclip - fell to the flore.

Little bag of Chrismiss stripy candies - fell to the flore.

Silver ring mom wares on her finger - fell to the flore and landed on the bag of Chrismiss candies, waking mom up.

Well, my concloosion is that mom was not as asleep as I thot she was 'cos she kept sayiing "Buddy cut that owt!" or "Buddy stop that". Then she got up and pikked me up off the dresser and made me get on the bed and have snuggles and pettings. And that was the end of my speriment 'cos I fell asleep.

I'll try agane. Heer is a piksher of wen I tryd to fly into the GFZ in owr old townhowse.

January 10, 2007

URGENT - Grate Cat needs a Home!!!

Isn't he hansome? Look at those grate big wisker humps!!

This is Columbo. He was fownd on the streets of New York City by some well-meaning beans who don't reely kno wat it means to serve a cat as we shood be served. They din't kno he wood want foods efurry day or that they wood haf to keep putting more litter in the litter boks.

These beans have a roommate who has a cat of her own, Mr Earl, who has diabetes and some other helth problems. So his good mom bean can't adopt Columbo becos it wood be furry upsetting and hard for Earl. The good mom bean has alreddy taken him to the v-e-t and made sure he is helthy and heer's wat she sed abowt him.

"He's less than 2 yrs old, FeLV/FIV neg, dewormed, neutered, semi-vocal, extremely friendly, cuddly, and outgoing. He's tall, long, and quite a hearty, strapping young'un. And quite homeless, too, of course."
If anycat or bean is in or near the New York area, please email us at finnegan_cat@hotmail.com and we'll get you in touch with the good bean abowt adopting Columbo.

January 4, 2007

Happy Birfday Buddy!!!!!

It was 4 yeers ago that Buddy's first mom bean putted him in his cat carrier, wrote "Buddy to NC" on it and started his long advensher of driving from Philllydelfia to join me and mom in owr fambly in Norf Carolina. All that long, long day, Buddy had menny diffrunt drivers. They were all volunteers wif the IMOM Xpress - furry speshul beans who love cats and droolers and help them find new homes.

First pik mom efur took of Buddy. He was staying in the bafroom by himself 'til he got used to mom and me. He was furry nervus and scared and he hissd at mom a lot!

After he came owt to eksplore, we weren't sure if we liked eech other or not and I kept an eye on him wile he lookd all arownd owr howse.

Efenchully we became frends and brofurs and now we like to wrassle and play togevver.

Buddy is furry good at yoga and he can do some poses that no other cat can do!

Wen Sanjee and Boni brot the Catolympics Torch to us on the Torch run, Buddy guarded it until I was reddy to leave to take it on the next part of the run.

Wen mom broked her foot, Buddy was a furry good nerse and watched ofur her lots and helped her wif her therapees by running owtside wen she came in on her crutches so she wood lern to use them good.

Buddy loves to watch the birdies owt the window and this time he got so eksited he forgot there was a screen and he jumped up to try to catch one!

So now Buddy is 7 yeers old! But he doesn't akt like an allmost old cat, he plays lots and lots and efen tho I am one yeer older than him, I play lots too.

Happy Birfday Buddy!!!

January 2, 2007

2-fer Tuesday!

We dug arownd on mom's compooter and fownd these grate pix of 2 cats together!

This is Jerry and Armando. Mom loves this pikcher lots becos she sez it shows that some cats get allong reely well. We don't kno wat she means by that, do you?

This is owr frend Desmond, he lives in Orrygone wif his sister Daffny and his girly frend Sophy. But this is Des wif a little orinch babycat - isn't she kyoot? There mom bean does fostering for littel babies who aren't reddy to be dopted yet.

Cuzzins Gilmore and Grady. Ant Ree sez Grady is a monkey-see, monkey-do. She's silly - Grady is a cat, not a monkey!!

Unkle Kimo and Ant Peaches that lived wif Granma and Grampa befor Ant Lili and Unkle Iz. Mom likes this pikcher cos she sez they look like meerkats. I think they were looking for lizerds on the owtside window sill.

Unkle Iz and Ant Lili that live wif Granma and Grampa. Grampa has lots of toy racecars and truks and airplanes in the room wif the compooter, so that's wat they were looking at!

Mom's faverit pik of me and Buddy.

Hmmmm, we don't kno who these guys are but they sure look comfy in the tree, don't they?