March 22, 2010

Ant Marjie is confyoosed!!

Ant Marjie is mom bean's biggest sisfur. We came to live at Happy Fields wif her last yeer. We like her a lot -- Finny says she gives good hugs, Buddy loves the way she does cheek skritchies and Jazzy likes to snuggle wif her on the big chare at night.

But pore Ant Marjie is furry confyoosed abowt what animals we all are! Here she is wif the grate cat Two Bits when she was a teenager bean. He was her favrit cat and she was his favrit bean.

Ant Marjie calls the horsies Jack and Max her PUPPIES....

...Cuzzin Magic the woofie eats grass like a HORSE...

...She calls Jazzy the SHAR-PAY KITTY....

We looked on Mr Google's images and guess what?

A Shar-pay is a furry wrinkly looking WOOFIE! Does this look like Jazzy???

And now, she is calling Cuzzin Cavalli a BUNNY!!!

We are all furry worryd abowt pore Ant Marjie. What do you think we should do?

--- Finny Buddy & Jazzy the Carolina CATS

March 16, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

Come on ofur for the 4th Annyool St. Patty's Day/
Finny's Gotcha Day Pawty!!!




Hopefully, Miss Boni will bring her Russianless White Russians!!

And the bartender will have lots of green beers and other yummy drinks!