January 28, 2008

Mean Girl Monday!

Buddy and I are gentlemen cats. We are trying to be polite and not be ruff on her, but that new girl-cat is mean!!!

She hisses and growls at us all the time.

She chases Buddy and makes him hide in mom's sleepy room.

She follows me arownd and has to sleep in efurry bed I just slept in and cover up my byootiful white and bayje furrs wif her orinch furrs.

Sometimes wen one of us is using one of the litter bokses, she comes in and growls and won't let us owt of the room.

Most of the time mom doesn't efen see this stuff happening. She thinks Jasmine is all sweet and lovey. But finely this weekend she is seeing it happening more and more. She tells Jasmine that she better be a nise cat or else. I don't kno wat "or else" means but I hope it werks on that meany girl.
If anycat has advices for us on what to do abowt this sitchooashun, we wood presheate it.

January 13, 2008

It's a Sisfur!!

You were all rite abowt wat was behind the closed dore.

It was a sisfur for me and Buddy! Her name is Jasmine and she is 6 yeers old and she is orinch just like Buddy 'cept she has some blak furrs too. And she doesn't haf kyoot frekkles on her nose. (Buddy tolld me to rite that. I don't fink Buddy's frekkles are kyoot.)

I'm tryin' to post some pikchers of her but the camra won't let me. I'll try agane tomorrow.

Rite now we are consentrating and vishulyzing and purring to bring Miss Annie back home to the Krasota Castle wif her fambly. Mao is home safe and sound, now Annie needs to follo his eksample and come home!!


OK - heer's the pikchers!