March 5, 2009

Fanks for the purrs, Efurrycat!!

Grampa sent me an email and said to say

Thank You to all the kitties for the Get Well Purrs

He's feeling better and he got a "Clean Bill of Health" at the people v.e.t. All the beans are really happy that Grampa is better and won't have to have any nasty medisins to make him feel sicker.

It's gonna be furry warm this weekend, so mom said her and Ant Ree and Grampa and some of their bicycler frends will be going riding on Sunday.

Mom sed we can all take turns going owt in the stroller and enjoying the nise fresh air!! We got to clean up the stroller, get it checked owt by owr mechanic and ready to roll!

Have a great weekend, efurrycat!