August 28, 2007

Vishus Deers Sited in Norf Carolina!!!

'Member I told how me and Grampa chek for vishus deers befor we go owt to werk in the werkshop? And how we din't see enny so it was safe?

Guess wat happend the other day?!?

Ant Lili lookd owt the bak windo and do you kno wat she saw?

TWO vishus deers STEELING berdy food! Ushully it's the stoopid skwerrels who steel the berdy food, but this time it was vishus deers!! Rite in owr furry own bak yard! Well, Granma and Grampa's bakyard and Ant Lili and Unkle Iz's bak yard.

And if you look close, you can see a THERD vishus deer making his way up to the berdy food too. And he was reely mean - he must have been the leeder of the pack, 'cos he pooshed one of the other vishus deers away from the food so he cood steel some.

It's a good fing Gramma and Grampa were home, becos they made noises and chased the vishus deers away befor they cood eet lots of berdy food and then deeside they needed some joosy tender cats for dizzert!

I'm looking efurryware for hiding plases....

Or maybee I'll just play ded and they won't want to eet me...

I know!!! A disguyze!!!!!!!!!

August 23, 2007

Charlie - The Cat Who Came Before

Thanks for the grate capshuns, efurrycat! That was fun. We'll haf to find some more old pix of mom and make more funny capshuns.
We fownded some more pikshers of Charlie, the cat in the picky wif mom wen she was a little bean.

Lookit how he's almost doing the Monty Q!

August 21, 2007

Caption Fun!

It's so hot hot hot owtside and mom won't let us go in the sunroom or the graj so we fownd this pikky of her and we want to make some funny capshuns. Please help!!

August 6, 2007

Practicing our Full Monty Poses!

Buddy always washes his paws while doing the Full Monty.

Finny - Full Monty with Catnip

Gilmore's daring Full Monty on the Stairs!

Owr furrend Doodlebug from Aridzona. His mom calls this picky "Pass the Remote".
We'll post some more practice shots later!
PS - thanks efurryone for cheering us abowt Cats with No Name.

August 3, 2007

Serious Post

Hi efurrycat! Me and Buddy are letting Mom post for today only so she can tell you abowt somefing we are furry upset abowt. --Finny


Hi all our feline friends and beans! Thank you, Finny and Buddy, for letting me share the blog (for today only) so I can tell everyone about what is upsetting us.

You may have heard of "Cats With No Name" and/or read Finny's post from last year.

For the last year or so, we have been saving weight circles from our Purina One food to send to CWNN, so they could turn them in for some type of reward. I don't know if it was discounts, product or cash, but I've emailed Purina to find out more info.

In Finny's post, we encouraged our friends to make donations or save weight circles too, and we believe that some of you were supporting them as we were.

Unfortunately, this week we discovered that CWNN's founder, Virginia Kresge Justiniano, is under investigation for animal-related charges -- possibly hoarding, abuse, etc. It's hard to get much info, but if we do, we'll post it.

The Cats with no Name website is down and there is no response to emails or phone calls.

Making Donations - Do Your Research

I should have done some research on this organization before encouraging others to support it, and I apologize if you did so on our recommendation.

Please, if you are approached to make a donation to any organization or group, especially one you've never heard of, do a Google search on them.

  • Find out where the money goes and what it's used for

  • Make sure they are a 501(c)(3) IRS non-profit organization

  • Ask or look on their website for their annual report

  • Be wary of "sound-alike" organizations

  • Don't make donations over the phone or internet without doing your research first

Check with your state or city's Better Business Bureau and State Attorney General's office to be sure the organization is not under any type of investigation for fraud or had an unreasonable number of complaints against it.

In short, be completely comfortable that you know who is getting your money and what they're going to do with it. Any reputable non-profit will be happy to assure you of their IRS status and direct you where to find more information on their stewardship of donations.

We'll keep monitoring this situation and hopefully we'll hear that Ms. Justiniano is cleared of any charges and can continue doing good work for the kitties.

We hope efurryone has a great weekend and Finny & Buddy will be back posting in a day or two.