April 29, 2009

The Big Announsemint!!

We're moving to a horsie farm!!!
Mom bean & Ant Ree bean's other sister, Ant Marjie bean, botted a horsie farm rite heer in Norf Carolina and aksed mom and us if we wanna go live wif her there!
Ant Marjie alreddy brot owr kitty cuzzins Dusty and Cavalli and there woofie Magic to the farm. But then she had to go back to New Yawk for a couple of weeks until owr cuzzin Jackie Bean graduates from high school. So mom is staying there to take care of the kitties and the woofie.
She comes home to owr house efurry morning and nite to feed us and give us some snuggles, but then she goes back.
In a few days we will get to go to the farm too! And then Buddy will get to be a real farmer and grow his own crops. And we will all get to meet a horsie!!
Mom will post some pix later.

April 24, 2009

Big Announcement Monday!!

Guess wat????

Somefing furry eksiting is happening wif us!

Wat do you fink it mite be?
Heer's a hint