March 30, 2006

Cute pictures

Our friend Mittens challenged efurrycat to post cute pictures of themselves, so here's ours. Great idea Mittens!

Our big brother Jasper (GA)

Our little sis Daisy (GA)



March 28, 2006

What do you think of this???

This is my mom bean's new car. I know becos she took me for a ride in it one nite.

What are these speckly DROOLERS doing in my mom bean's car?

And see those blankies? Ushully those blankies are in my howse and I sleep on them. On Satterday mom took the blankies and went away. I watched from the upstares window. She putted them in her car and drove away. When she brot the blankies in and threw them on the floor, me and Finny smelled them and they STINKED really STINKY of STINKY DROOLY DROOLERS and so did mom and all her clothes!!

And then we found these pix in the camera. The only thing that makes me feel better is the very last picture...the droolers driving away in some other bean's car.

March 24, 2006

More party pix

Whew.. we are still recovering..what a party! Here's some more pictures.

Efurrycat enjoyed Miss Boni's Russianless White Russians...

Didn't Miss Patches and Miss Mittens look beeyootiful in their matching hats? I'm glad to see they have made up!

Miss Bonnie...did you get the green off your paw that you dipped in the puddle?

Heer's Beau waiting to talk to Miss Ghost....too bad it didn't work out. Or maybe it was after? He looks a little odd..

Oh, and did one of the tuxies leave these behind?

And heer's somefing else mom found! She sez it's too little for her big people fingers. Whose is it?

March 19, 2006


Holeeee Shamoleeeeees!!! What a PARTY!! Thanks efurrycat for coming, it was the bestest Birfday/St. Patty's day party EVER in the history of FURever! The niptinis and non-Russian White Russians and meowgaritas and nipopolitans and green beers and shrimpies and crabs and fishy pizzas were all fantastic! Wooo hoooo hooooooeeeeeeeeee I am still flying!!!! Buddy is feeling a little hungover, but not me, I am still partying. We'll post some of the pix as soon as we can find the camera...

Thanks for coming and making my Birfday the best ever!!!!!


Pictures...and questions from mom...

Why is there a lampshade missing from the dining room fixture?

Purrhaps Timmy knows something about this?

Really...Joaquin sed he likes to dye his bib diffrunt colors!!! Happy St. Patty's Day Joaquin!!

And mom was wondering about a tube of green lippy stick she found...she ushully wears pink. Miss Angie, is it yours?

March 17, 2006

The Party's On!!!!!

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!!! GReen niptinis are over beeers over beside them... efurrycat help yourself... we'll start posting pictures later!!

March 16, 2006


Thumbs....if only I had thumbs...MOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!
Please help me wif this plug...

Yayyyyy!!! They work, thanks mom!

Now, where should we drape these shamrocks?
Efurrycat, let us know if you're coming to the party. It starts at 6 pm Friday nite wif cornd beef and cabbij and green beers and other yummy cocktales..niptinis...bloody mousies...and whatefer else our bartenders can come up with!

March 15, 2006

Party Plans

Wooohooooo!! Friday is St. Patrick's day when all the beans wear green clothes and eat speshul Irish foods like corned beef and cabbij and drink green beers and do crazy things. BUT, the day after that is an even MORE speshul day - it is my Birfday/Gotcha day!! We don't really know when my birfday is 'cos I was a stray cat in a napartment complex, but March 18 is the day me and mom dopted each other so we call it my Birfday. Me and Buddy are gonna have a party and you're all invited!!!

We're getting the decorations ready....

March 14, 2006


So on Saturday mom packed up some stuff in her new car and wented to visit Granma and Grampa. She aksed us if we wanted to go and we said NO. NO we don't want to get in carriers and NO we don't want to go in the rumbly car and NO we don't want to have pills so we would sleep all the way. It would be nice to visit Granma and Grampa and their kitties that are our ant and unkle (but they is younger than us!) and Ant Ree and her kitties that are our cousins, but NO car, they can come visit us.

We tolld mom that sints we don't like the cubes that much she could give them to our cousins Grady and Gilmore, since they are younger cats and might like to play in them more. Grady is like almost 1 years old and Gilmore is about 3 yeers old. Gilmore liked the cubes, but he liked this bag a lot more.

Lookit this fun toy they have. Mom says the blue stick goes round and round all by itself and there is fethers on the end! She's gonna get us one, Ant Ree got it at Walmart. Then they took the toy and put it inside the play cubes and Grady really had fun for a long time!!!

Ant Ree is verry good to her kitties, they have this super nice sunroom to play in all the time! Mom showed me and Buddy this pikcher and said "Look at the nice brothers sitting together and not biting or kicking or growling at each other."


March 12, 2006

Pawtraits - Viewers' Choice Winner!!!!

Somecat finally broke the 5-way tie and the Winner of the First Ever 2 Carolina Cats Bloggers' Paw Portraits Contest Viewers' Choice prize is.... Miss Mittens Pollypaws!! Congratulations, Miss Mittens. Those are verry beyootiful pawsies with extra toesies!! Please email Finny with your snail mail addy so we can send your prize. Congratulations to Mittens, Timothy Dickens who identified all the Pawtraits and Miss Boni Maroni for stumping effury one but Timmy. Your prizes will be mailed sometime this week.

March 10, 2006

* * * News Flashes * * *

Flash #1 - Paw Portraits final Viewer's Choice deadline extended to Sunday lunch time! Tell your furriends to come by and vote, because right now we have a 5-way tie for first place!

Flash #2 - mom gotted a new car and she is going to see Grandma and Grampa tomorrow
On account of...
Flash #3 - Grandma and Grampa are home from Hawaii!!

Flash #4 - remember Miles the kitty who got kicked by a bad bean? He had surgery on his leg and he is doing great! They did haf to ampewtate his leg, but his mom bean says he is doing super great and we are glad. Click here for an update on Miles the hurt kitty. Thank you all for your purrayers and donations.

March 9, 2006

Mom's Favrit Flowers

Daffydills growing
outside our front door.

She put them up here JUST so I could sniff them.

Then she put them where me and Finny could both sniff them!Then mom had fun playing with the special effects on the pikchers.

Happy Spring!!!!

Pawtraits - Viewer's Choice Finalists!!













FINALLY!! We can do the last part of the Paw Portrait Contest - the Viewer's Choice Award! Look at the pawtraits above (number is above the pawtrait) and email Finny with your favorite. The winner will receive a prize made by Finny and Buddy. Thanks efurrycat and efurrybean for playing. It was soooo much fun, wasn't it? All the pawtraits were really great.

Let's see....deadline for Viewer's Choice will be Saturday, March 11 lunchtime. We aren't really picky about clocks (except at suppers time) so if we get your email before we final up the scores, you'll probably be ok - but you never know!!

-- Finnegan
* * * * *
Edited...Thank you, Miss Patches, we fixed the link for the email. And also we realized it's finalists, not semi-finalists!