June 19, 2009

International Box Day!


Sisfur Daisy who came before - all cozy in a box wif a toy.

Cuzzin Grady in a box house Ant Ree bean made for him.

June 9, 2009

Adopt a Cow!!

If anycat's bean likes cow stuff, we will give you all these cows! Or even just some of them if you want them. Mom's not so much into them anymore and she doesn't reely have room for them.

The biggest cow is a door stop, pretty heavy. A little bigger than one cat.

The milk cans are salt & pepper shakers.

The cow with the wagon is missing its axle, but mom found it and will fiks it.

The basket fing that says "Hatch yore own cow" is shaped like a barn and comes wif 5 reely reel cow eggs! (Mom painted them a long time ago wen she lived in Mishigan.)

The little standing cow is somefing you cood hang on yor Chris Mess tree or a cabinet knob, same wif the two feed bags.

The little stool has udders on it but we nefur seen any milk come owt of it or we wood keep it.

The cow all the way on the left side can hang ofur the edge of a shelf.

If you want the cows, just let us know. We will ship them but we aks you to make a donashun to eifur the Cat Blogosphere or one of the cats that needs help rite now.


June 3, 2009

Cuzzin Dusty made an Excape!!

I was gonna tell abowt my advencher of moving to the farm, but I'll tell it tomorro or the nekst day.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So yesterday morning, Ant Marjie was talking on the fone thingy and Magic-woofie was going bazerko woofing and whining at somefing owtside. Ant Marjie tolld Magic to hush hush hush...but then she wented ofur to the screen pawtch and there was Cuzzin Dusty - OWTSIDE!!

Cuzzin Dusty is 18 yeers old and he is deff and his kid knees don't werk so good and his bones ake from arthur itis! Ant Marjie was furry upset and worryd that a vishus deer or somefing werser cood haf gotten him, so she runned owt there and pikked him up and hugged and hugged him and brot him inside.

Then her and mom went running all ofur the howse looking for me and Cuzzin Cavalli. It was so funny! I was under Ant Marjie's bed just laffing and laffing but Ant Marjie fownd me pritty fast. And Cavalli was on the nise window seet watching owt the window, so she saw him fast too. Nekst time we'll haf to hide better.

I betcha you're wondering how Dusty got owtside, arnt'cha? Ant Marjie opened one of the windows and din't reelize there was no screen on the bottom part. Well, Dusty just went up there and jumped down to the grass. And it was probly 20 Gizzies high!! Mom and Ant Marjie sed he was struttin' arownd the rest of the day like he was a big advenchurer. Well he is!

Here's a picky of Dusty wen he lived in New Yawk and wented owtside all the time.