December 17, 2008

It's a Tiger!!

Lookit! Lookit! Mom made a video of the baby tiger she saw in Arfansaw! She din't bring him home to play wif us tho. We were sad. But mom said he is a lot bigger than us anyway. Plus, the last thing I need arownd here is another orange cat!

-- Finny

Pee Ess: heer's some more pix of him

December 8, 2008

Percy Blanky

A pakij came to owr howse....Finny started scratching and clawing at it....
Then Jazzy took a turn and she pulled it owt a little bit!
What is it Jazz?
A byooooootiful blanky!!! Smells good, too!

Ahhhhhh, comfy.....

It's the wonderful blanky we won in Percy's Toe Raffle. His grammy made some blankies to raffle off so Percy could get his owy toe fiksed.

We love owr blanky, Percy! We sure hope yore toe is feeling better.