June 27, 2008

I knew it!! I knew it!!!!!

See?!? I told you he was up to somefing and you all agreed wif me!
Look wat the Introoder is doing now!

Mom dopted all these baby Squillions and efen some rare woofie Squillions so we cood aukshun them or haf a raffle to raise green papers to help the cat blogosphere. And the INTROODER is teeching them bad fings like playing wif owr ribbon toys and getting into mom's croshaying yarns!

He efen tryd to involve Jasmine in his evil plots!!!

Wat are we gonna do????

June 20, 2008

Help the Animals in the Floods

Mom gets emales from these beans that help animals a lot. They are helping the animals that gotted yucky wet and losted from there beans in the floods in the middle of America.

If you can steal yore bean's plastic thingy to send them some green papers, heer's the place.

--Finny Buddy & Jasmine

June 15, 2008


Well, I guess he's not tekniklly an introoder, mom brot him home. But, I am tired of new cats just showing up heer wifowt mom aksing me if I want anofur sibling. And this guy just looks like a trubble-maker.

I'm gonna get rid of him....somehow....someway......


June 6, 2008

Cuzzin Grady Grew BIG!!

Lookit this! Wen Ant Ree first dopted Cuzzin Grady (after he yelled reely lowd in the woods and Gramma and Grampa resskewed him) he wood follo Cuzzin Gilmore efurryware. Ant Ree fownd them in her sinks one day....

And just the other day she fownd Cuzzin Grady there agane!!!