March 31, 2007

Portrait Seshun

Mom and Ant Ree were trying to take nise pikshers of me and Cuzzin Grady togevver, but efurry time mom tryd to put the blanky behind us for a pretty bakgrownd, GRady wood look at it to try to find her! Then Ant Ree wood laff and laff and try to get Grady to look at her, but he doesn't fink Grady is his reel name so he woodn't.
Finely he stopped looking for mom and Ant Ree got this pikcher.

And then later, we thot they putted the camra away, but they took another one.

It seems like efurry time Grady comes and sits wif me (I nefur go sit by him) Ant Ree or mom has to take a piksher of us.

March 29, 2007

Our Virtual Squillion Got Heer!

Isn't she byoooootiful? Thank you, Miss Sanjee, Snooperviser of the Virtual Squillions!

Efen tho we haf two reel, live Squillions, we wanted to dopt one of the Virtual litter too.

March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!!!!!!!

We'er gettin' reddy for owr Annyool St. Patty's Day Party!

Mom and Ant Ree and the beans who dopted Sully (the little orinch punk) are all going to the St. Patrick's Day Prade in Rolly so we're going to haf a party!!!

Last yeer's
party at owr howse in Charlotte was sooooo much fun, remembrr?

Miss Boni served her speshul Russianless White Russians,

Timmy made a hat owt of a lampshade and dansed arownd a LOT and efurrycat dyed there wiskers or there bibs green and wore green hats and we had a grate time!
This yeer, the party is heer at Ant Ree's howse in Durham, so just get into transport posishuns and say "Happy St. Patrikc's Day" 7 times and you'll be heer!
Grady & Gilmore are all spiffy in there bowties...
Oh, and tomorro is Finnegan's Birfday/Gotcha day, so it's his party too!
There's lots of Irish myooosik on the cd favrit is calld "Kiss Me I'm Irish" by Gaelic Storm
See you soon!!!

March 7, 2007

The Mystry of the Upside down Rug

This may be a case for Scooter McTabby. Heer's wat happend not too long ago at Ant Ree's howse....

This is the rug that sits inside the front dore at Ant Ree's howse. Grady sitting there getting reddy to pownse a bottle cap toy.

The nekst morning, mom is upstares getting reddy for werk and heers some strange noises. Wen she comes down, she sees this.

Grady is onse agane, ofur by the dore, getting reddy to pownse on his bottle cap toy.

"I din't see anyfing happen heer, Ant Nora!"

What do you fink?

March 3, 2007

Mu Shue's Hug-A-Thon Continyoos!

Owr good frend Mu Shue had a grate idear. He started a Hug-A-Thon so we all hug ofur cats and cheer efurryone up and make frends agane.

Me and Buddy got Hugged by owr good frends Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat. You mite remembrr that Miss Bonnie and I had a bit of a misunderstanding ofur my defense of Victor wen he was accused of an unforchewnit attak at his home. Well, we bofe apologized to eech other, I sent her some flowers and she sent me a book and now we are the best of furrends!

That's wat furrends do wen they haf an argument or misunderstanding. They apologize, maybe are embarrassed to talk to each ofur for a wile, but then they hug and make up. And they are stronger furrends forever after that!

So, now we get to Hug four more cats and they hug 4 get the idear.

Buddy goes ferst and his Hugs go to...

Sophie, Kismet's little sisfur
Eric & Flynn
Kelly of the Good CAts
Empress Kukka Maria's Brofur Brach

Ok, my turn! I'm sending HUGS to....

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout
The Caturday Cats
The Poiland Tribe


March 2, 2007

Don't Stop Blogging!!!!

And Empress Kukka-Maria and Beau too!
Terribul fings are going on in the Cat Bloggospheer today!
Fings have been said, feelings have been herted.
But most of all, apologies have been made.
So many good fings haf come from this community of grate wonderful caring cats and beans. Many, many cats and beans have been helped by all of us.
Please, efurrycat and efurrybean, let's put the last couple of sad days behind us and make sure it nefur happens agane.
Grate big Hugs & Purrs & Headbonks to Efurrycat!!!

March 1, 2007

2 Great Cats need a home

A bean that mom knows in Charlotte, NC is pritty sick wif multiple sclerosis, and she keeps falling down. One time wen she fell down she herted her bak furry bad and now she can't take care of her poodins (feed them, do the litter boxes) like she wants to. So she wants to do the best thing for them and find them a new home. If you kno anycat or bean who needs to get adopted by two reely nise cats who are allredy fiksed, have nise manners, and love each other, please contact us at my email .

Pru is a Female, 5 years old, front claws are out, and she has been fixed. She is current on her shots. She is very shy at first but soon is a great warm lap cat. She is tiger striped and long hair. She has not been around small children.

Winter is a white short hair, blue eyed, deaf cat. He is very funny and loves to be around everyone. He would be great with kids. Both cats are used to dogs.Winter loves for the dog to push him across the wood floor and play hide-n-seek. He is current on shots and has been fixed. He is 4 years old.

If you know anyone who mite be innerested in adopting these nise cats, pleeze email us at

Transportation can be arranged!