September 22, 2008

Mom's Bike Tour

Mom has been home from the bike tour sints Twosday but she din't show us the pikshers 'til today.

This one is of her speshul socks she wares wen she goes bike riding and the furry speshul ankle braselet she made from the beeds that Mom Robyn sent.

This one shows Grampa riding his bike up a big bridge! Mom sez there is lots of water under the bridge, and that's wy she din't take us wif her, 'cos she knew we woodn't like it. So insted she taked this woofie wif her. Sometimes woofies at howses on the bike ride will bark at the bike riders, so she figgered this guy cood help her if they barked at her or tryd to bite her or Grampa or Ant Ree.

This is mom and Grampa at the finish line on Satterday.

This is GRampa "doin' the Q" at a rest stop on Sunday. It was furry hot and Grampa and all the bike riders were so tired! Mom only biked a little bit on Sunday but Grampa and Ant Ree rode ALL DAY!

Thank you so much to efurrycat & efurrybean for your support. If you wood like to sponsor mom by making a donashun to the National MS Society, please click here.

September 11, 2008

Tribute to John Paolillo

The 2,996 project is all about honoring and celebrating the lives of those innocent people who were murdered on Sept. 11, 2001.

John Paolillo was a Battalion Chief with the NY Fire Dept. - killed in the collapse of the North Tower. But more importantly, John was a loving father, brother, son, uncle and a friend to all.

John lived next door to my sister Marjie in Glen Head, NY. I met John once or twice "over the fence" - saying hi, borrowing sugar, neighborhood get-togethers, that kind of thing. The main thing I remember about him is that he would always be out playing in the yard with his kids Jake and Ella anytime I visited. John was very devoted to his kids, his wife, his mom Elizabeth, brother Joe, sister Sheila and their families.

John was a great athlete who loved to run, bicycle and swim - he competed in triathlons on a regular basis and enjoyed sharing his training philosophy with others. He helped Marjie with her cycling when she was getting ready for the MS 150 Bike Tour and an amateur team triathlon that she took part in. Marjie said John didn't understand the kind of mental blocks that held her back from getting up a hill - he just charged on up, knowing he could do it! The first time Marjie went riding after John's death, she took on the toughest hill in town - and made it up for the first time ever -- because she knew that John was there with her, helping her up the hill with a strong hand on her back.

A few months after John's death, his brother Joe, Joe's wife Josephine, friends Gina and Bob, as well as Marjie and her husband Chip, came together with the idea to hold an event that would not only raise money for a scholarship fund at the local high school, but more importantly, honor John's love of life and athleticism.

The John Paolillo Scholarship Fund Memorial 5K race/fundraiser was held at the Glenwood Landing Fire Station. Hundreds of local friends and families, as well as firefighters from John's old stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, ran or walked the route that included one tough hill, some beautiful scenery, the high school cheerleaders and athletic teams, water stops, and lots of fun.

The commemorative T-shirt from the event demands to know "Did you give it your all?", a question that echoes with John's friends and family. When I attended the 5K in 2003, Joe told the story of going running with John one time and feeling that he could have done better. "Did you give it your all? Did you try so hard you threw up after?" asked John. "Well, yeah," answered Joe. "That's all you can ask of yourself," said John.

More than anything, the Run for Heroes is a celebration that brings together a community and helps to remember a wonderful man who was always ready to help others before himself. John Paolillo was an honorable man who will never be forgotten, nor should the rest of the victims of that terrible day.

Call your family, your friends - all the people that you hold dear - and tell them you love them, spend some time with them and whatever you do, remember to always "Give it your all!"

September 8, 2008

It's time for Mom's Bike Ride!!

Have you seed Mr Lance over there? ---> He's helping mom count down to the MS Bike Tour and it's THIS weekend!!

Know what that means? You got it! Party in Norf Carolina this weeksend!!! One of owr nayber beans will be coming to feed us and stuff, but we'll just hide in the basemint and they won't notiss enyfing.

And the other fing it means is, mom would appresheate yore support of her bike riding and fundrasing efferts. Last yeer, lots of cats and woofies and buns and beans left messijs and made donashuns to fite this stoopid disease that makes peoples furry sick.
This is mom's bestest frend Blanche and her hubby Larry. Miss Blanche is owned by a byootiful tortie named Funny Face. Miss Blanche has MS but she says MS doesn't have her!! She rides her bike in the bike tore too!

You can clicky on the title up top to go to mom's bike tore page and make a donashun if you haf some green papers to share. We will do a drawing from all the donashuns for a baby Squillion!

Even if you don't haf any green papers, mom will furry much appresheate yore notes of support in the comments heer.

And if yore beans kno somebean wif MS, let us know and we will put there name on mom's sine she wares while she is riding. (Efen if they don't give green papers.) This is what last year's sine looked like.

Thanks, efurrycat for supporting mom and helping raise moneys AND for coming to owr Party!!!

Love Finny Buddy & Jasmine (Mom sez thank you furry much too!)

September 6, 2008

We're OK!!

The Hanna storm wasn't too bad heer and we're all ok. It was rainy and whippy windy and there are some drippy plases in owr living room, but they dint' get owr beds wet so efurrything's just fine!

Fanks for all the purrs and good thots - we know they helped.

--Finny Buddy & Jasmine

September 5, 2008

Uh-oh, we don't likes the look of this...

The white spot is ware we live. It's getting windy alreddy and raning a little bit. We don't like it and mom is not home yet and Jazzy is alreddy hiding under the cowch. We hope a tree doesn't fall on owr howse.

Mom tolld us this morning that she's gonna get owr PTU's owt and if she tells us we're getting owt of owr howse then we haf to get in the PTU's wifowt a fuss. Do you fink that will happen?

The Hotties mite get lots of rane too. We hope you stays dry, Sanjee and Boni and Mini and Pepi and Gree and Mom Robyn and Grandma Cat.

Jasper McKitten cat mite be in the path too, we're not sure.

Efurrycat who is near ware this stoopid hurrycane mite go, plees be furry careful.

--Finny & Buddy