September 1, 2006

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Buddy and I have desided that the first day of efurry month is going to be a "Do Good Things" post. Last month, we tolld you about Cats with No Names.

This month we are going to talk abowt
Miss Ramona's Big Dream and the Walk for the Animals in New Hampsher.

Miss Ramona of
Caturday (isn't she byootiful?) has a furry big heart and a real wish to give back to the community. Because she was rescued by some nise beans and taken furry good care of at a shelter, she wants to help the cats (and even droolers) at the Conway Area Humane Society shelter where her beans volunteer.

Finny was reskewed by some good beans and was in a shelter called SAFE Haven for Cats in Raleigh, Norf Carolina and that's where mom met him and they dopted each other. I am furry lucky that I never lived in a shelter - mom adopted me from my bean before they could send me to a shelter.

So, in honor of Miss Ramona and espeshly our little sisfur Daisy, Finny and I sed we would help Miss Ramona! Daisy came from a shelter ware they didn't take the bestest care of the animals and they din't realize she was sick. So she came to live wif mom and Finny and not long after that, she became furry sick and had to go to the Rainbow Bridge. You can go to mine and Finny's page to make a donation that will help the animals at the Conway Humane Society.

We hope that all of you other poodins and buns and woofies will start telling about the good beans and groups that are helping animals in yore communities too. That way, we can all help wenever we can, either with money or messages or by spreding the word and befor you know it, all animals will have good homes and be healthy and live long lives!

Thank you Sammy, Miles & Meezer Family for sponsoring us already!

Thank you!!!

--Finny & Buddy


Victor Tabbycat said...

Finny & Buddy, that is a furry motive-ashunall post. Since you're Carolina Cats, you must live in North Carolina or South Carolina, right? Wul, I keep hearin bout a bad guy named Ernesto who's headed yur way. You better watch out fur him, kay?

The Meezers or Billy said...

we already sponsored you guys - it's a great fing you're doing to help kitties and help Miss Ramona beat those woofies!

Hot(M)BC said...

Yall are such good cats :) I hope when Mr Ernesto visited yalls place it won't too bad. He visited Richmond today and maded it rain a lot and lotsa leaves blow out of the trees. That won't so bad tho. Just soggy.

Anonymous said...

yur doin a furry good fing! we're gonna get in on it too - soon as the Lady figgers out how much she can send.

we needs yur help on anoffur matter - go to they are in need of a good lawyer fur poor Shmoo who's accused of stealing a paint roller an painting part of a wood floor green along wif his sisfur Mus's ear. he's jailed an needs yur help!

Fat Eric said...

We already sponsored Ramona, she is doing such good work there! And so are you two, of course.

zorro's crew said...

congrats, we have tagged you.

Teri said...

Hi there,
You have been tagged by the 4 of us. Enjoy.