April 20, 2006

Words & Pikchers

Our friend Derby tagged us to tell what our 5 favrit new blogging werds are, so we thot and thot about it and we decided these are our favrit new werds!

1) Squillions - first used by William of Mass Destruction and also by Kukka-Maria - means lots and lots and lots of somefing - like squillions of treats is how many we should get efurry day!
2) Happy Toes - our mom also calls this Starfish Paws or Making Biscuits, but we believe that Happy Toes was invented by the Calico Girls
3) Wildlife Watch - much more exciting and descriptive than "watching birdies" - credit to Timothy Dickens
4) Stinky Goodness - we first heard this from Psychokitty Max - yummmmmy wet foods!
5) Binkies Baby! Even though we've never seen our wild friend Bernard the Bunny do it, we like this to describe what bunnies do when they are happy! We hope someday we will see Bernard do it, because we want him to be happy.

Ok! Now for some pikchers!!

The weird thing - mom sez it is called 'Wool E Bull' and is the mascot for the baseball team she wented to see. He jumps around and acts goofy and visits wif the little beans.

They were happy they winned the game so they made all these fireyworks come in the sky!
Since mom din't know what Knightly Lizzie & Firenze's mom looked like, she made this little sign to help find her. But poor Miss Amy had herted her hand and had the terrible day, so she din't get there 'til real late and then had mom's phone number rong and she felt bad, so she went home to let the kitties take care of her. Mom sez they will meet another time. Feel bettter, Miss Amy!

Mom is walking in the MS Walk on Saturday and she sez to tell yore beans to see if there is an MS Walk in yore town and they could walk too. Other beans from work are walking too, they have these signs all around her office. Happy walking, Mom!!


Amy in NC said...

Mum is sorry she missed the game and fire-werks. She said that she would have had fun. She also missed the MS walk for the triangle as it was at the beginning of April; but it's good that your Mum is going to do it.


Kukka-Maria said...

It's so cool that you have the opportunity to get together and hang out. I'm sure it will work out next time--I can't imagine their mom will have another bad day like she did that time!

Just Ducky said...

Good words and pictures guys. Hope your mum does good on the walk.

Zeus said...

Nice choices for the words! I'm sorry your human pet didn't get to meet her friend. Hopefully they'll get to meet soon!

I am sure your human pet will do excellent on the walk! Many people are participating in such walks down here as well.

The Meezers or Billy said...

good luck to your mum on the walk! our mommy has her big cer-ti-fa-kashun test on Saturday.

Beau Beau & Angie Over the Bridge said...

We likes the words too. MS walks are good tings to do for peoples.